The Yankees are for the most part done with trades and free agent signings this offseason. However, they will be in attendance at a future showcase to get a glimpse of LHP Craig Breslow. According to Peter Gammons, the Yankees are one of the 12-20 teams that will watch Breslow throw […]

Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees will watch LHP Craig Breslow pitch in ...

The Yankees didn’t make an abundance of moves this winter and according to Brian Cashman, the team is pretty much packing up shop for the winter. However, one player the Yankees signed during the offseason is expressing his excitement over donning pinstripes. Especially since he is technically the only new […]

Matt Holliday excited to be a Yankee

As of yesterday afternoon, the New York Yankees have settled arbitration cases with six of their seven eligible candidates. Didi Gregorius, Aaron Hicks, Adam Warren, Michael Pineda, Austin Romine and Tommy Layne have all agreed to new contracts for the 2017 season. Here’s a breakdown of what each player will make in 2017: — Didi Gregorius […]

Yankees settle arbitration with Gregorius, Hicks, Warren and three others

This entire offseason–as well as every other offseason since he made an impression on the Yankees–Brett Gardner has been in the middle of trade speculation. Teams make their trade proposals and the Yankees decide whether they’re going to cash in on them. This offseason, trading Gardner actually seemed like a possibility. […]

Brian Cashman: Yankees will not trade Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees pride themselves in their farm system, and spent the last few seasons replenishing it via trades and draft signings. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that a few years ago the Yankees had one of the worst farm systems in the league. Well, after a few […]

Yankees farm system ranked No. 1 by Bleacher Report

Ever since the Bronx Bombers signed Jacoby Ellsbury three seasons ago, the Yankees envisioned having Ellsbury and Brett Gardner bat at the top of the order. However, the Yankees realized having both Gardner and Ellsbury at the top of the batting order wasn’t working. Which meant it was time to make a change to […]

Yankees hinted they might shake up the top of the order

All winter the Yankees have been trying to add another arm for the rotation. They even tried dangling Chase Headley and Brett Gardner as trade pieces with hopes of garnering interest. However, it seems more likely than not the Yankees will enter Spring Training with the team on the current roster. “We stay […]

Cashman “99% positive” he’ll enter camp with team he has now

Ever since Joe Girardi became the Yankees manager in 2008, it’s been a bumpy ride. The team has either missed the postseason completely, only advanced to the first two rounds or won the World Series. Girardi is in the final season of his contract, and like Yankees GM Brian Cashman is going […]

Is Joe Girardi on the hot seat in 2017?

It’s no secret the Yankees want to add pitching in the final six weeks of the offseason. And for the last few weeks, they have been talking with the Chicago White Sox about possibly acquiring Jose Quintana. However, the Yankees might end up walking away from the talks empty handed. According […]

Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees are a longshot for Jose Quintana

When Alex Rodriguez retired from the Yankees in mid-August, the team kept him on as a special advisor, a role he will take on beginning in February. However, everyone has wondered whether Rodriguez will plan a comeback with another team. Rodriguez clearly loves the game of baseball, not to mention Rodriguez is […]

Alex Rodriguez not planning a comeback

Masahiro Tanaka‘s job this season is to give the Yankees an ace-like performance, especially since the starting rotation is a huge question mark for the Yankees. But the looming question mark surrounding Tanaka has nothing to do with his performance. It has to do with his longevity with the team. […]

Masahiro Tanaka’s opt-out clause looms over Yankees