Yesterday, we graded Chasen Shreve and his limited role in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we move back to the starting rotation and grade Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka. And yes, with Tanaka we can easily throw the word ‘ace’ around. Last season was sort of a down year for Masahiro Tanaka, ending with […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Masahiro Tanaka

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Yesterday, we graded Luis Severino, who struggled in the Yankees starting rotation but thrived in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we stay in the bullpen and grade Chasen Shreve, who didn’t have as good of a year as anticipated, but at least he avoided a September implosion of catastrophic proportions. Chasen Shreve was […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Chasen Shreve

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Yesterday, we graded CC Sabathia‘s performance in the Yankees starting rotation. Today, we move onto Luis Severino, who was terrible in the Yankees rotation, but somehow found his niche in the Yankees bullpen. In Spring Training last February, Luis Severino wasn’t one of the question marks to enter the season. However, once […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Luis Severino

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After playing at the New Yankee Stadium for the last seven seasons, the Yankees believe it’s time to update the stadium. According to a press release, the New York Yankees announced the stadium will undergo the first series of major design enhancements in order to improve the “guest experience”. Construction […]

Yankee Stadium to add “numerous enhancements” in 2017

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The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians are set to battle tomorrow night as one of the two teams aims to end their World Series drought. And that means former Yankees teammates Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman are competing against one another for the first time since both were traded in the […]

Alex Rodriguez prefers Andrew Miller over Aroldis Chapman

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Yesterday afternoon, we graded Yankees starter Michael Pineda on his turbulent 2016 campaign. Today, we’ll move onto CC Sabathia, who many figured would have another poor season but pleasantly surprised the organization and the fanbase.  When CC Sabathia entered Spring Training, many figured Sabathia was going to have another rough season. However, Sabathia surprised everyone […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: CC Sabathia

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Yesterday, we graded Bryan Mitchell after his five start stint with the Bronx Bombers in September. Today, we’ll discuss starter Michael Pineda, who had an interesting season to say the least. The Yankees relied on Pineda in their rotation, but with every start, Pineda became the Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde pitcher; you never knew which […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Michael Pineda

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It has been an insanely quiet week for the Yankees, but despite that it was a bit productive. Brian McCann has already garnered interest in the trade market and the Yankees have their eyes on a former Blue Jay who is hitting the free agent market. Plus, I start handing out grades […]

A Week In Review: Encarnacion, McCann and Report Cards

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Yesterday, we graded Tommy Layne, who surprised everyone by being a reliable asset in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we grade Bryan Mitchell, who went from being considered for the Yankees bullpen to actually being in the starting rotation following the injury to Nathan Eovaldi. He only pitched in five games, but Mitchell sure made […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Bryan Mitchell

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Yesterday, we graded Yankees reliever Nick Goody, who had an up and down season for the Yankees. Today, we’ll grade Tommy Layne, who was acquired during the middle of the season and impressed out of the Yankees bullpen. Like many of the bullpen pieces, Tommy Layne was a temporary fixture in the […]

2016 Yankees Report Card: Tommy Layne