Tanaka dazzles in 9-0 victory over Rays


When the Yankees desperately needed a series win, they turned to Masahiro Tanaka to assist the Yankees in their goal. Luckily, Tanaka had more than enough help when the Yankees exploded in the seventh inning to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 9-0 at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida.

It was a tight contest until the sixth inning when Brian McCann hit a two-run RBI triple, scoring both Brett Gardner and Alex Rodriguez. In the seventh inning, Gregorio Petit hit a SAC Fly, Gardner hit a RBI single, Mark Teixeira hit a SAC Fly and Chris Young hit a grand slam.

Masahiro Tanaka went seven innings giving up no runs on two hits. David Carpenter pitched a scoreless eighth and Branden Pinder pitched a scoreless ninth.

What’s Next?

Michael Pineda will take the mound against Matt Andriese of the Tampa Bay Rays as the Yankees hope to go for the series sweep. First pitch is at 1:10 p.m. and the game will air on ..read more

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Andrew Miller thrives in his “non-closer” role


When the Yankees signed Andrew Miller to a four-year contract, they envisioned having him in a “closer by committee” role, one that would have been shared with Dellin Betances. But as Spring Training went on, Miller thrived while Betances struggled. Betances’s struggles continued early into the season and the Yankees were forced to only use Miller in closing situations. The Yankees won’t name Miller the official closer of the Yankees, but his role on the team is obvious, and he further cemented why he should be the closer when he pitched 1.1 scoreless innings in last night’s 5-4 win over the Rays.

“Andrew’s done the job, that’s for sure,” Girardi said.

When the Yankees opted not to sign David Robertson and instead chose Andrew Miller, many figured Millier would be the set-up man to Betances but I continued to voice Betances shouldn’t be the closer based on one good season. Fast forward to April 18, and the Yankees haven’t given Betances the role. The role unofficially belongs to Miller. But Miller isn’t concerned on what his role on the team is. Miller knows his job simply consists on getting outs.

“This is what I signed up for.” Miller said. “That’s what I told them all along. They asked me if I needed to be told I had a certain role or anything like that, and I told them no, and that was the truth. I’ve been telling you guys that all along and that’s really what it is. I think for me, I’m fortunate. I’ve got a nice contract that’s going to take care of me for a while. However they see fit to use me, they can go for it. I’ll do whatever they ..read more

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Alex Rodriguez surprised by early success


If Alex Rodriguez wasn’t in the lineup last night, the Yankees would have went 2-for-6 with runners in scoring position and the only run would have came on Stephen Drew‘s 100th career home run. Rodriguez alone went 3-for-4 with two home-runs and four RBI in last night’s 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

“Without Alex, we’re going to lose that ballgame,” Joe Girardi said.

When Rodriguez arrived to camp back in February, the Yankees weren’t sure what kind of offense they would get from a 40-year-old third basemen who hadn’t seen live pitching in two years. In all honesty, even Rodriguez didn’t know what to expect and he has to admit he’s been shocked by the results.

“Yeah, I am,” he said. “I don’t think anyone knew what to expect, including myself. I’ve been working hard. Hopefully it keeps going.”

During the first week of the season, Rodriguez has easily been the Yankees best hitter and has become their most trusted bat in the lineup. Rodriguez’s first home-run was the longest home-run hit by a Major League player this season at 471 ft. Rodriguez’s second home-run was the second hardest hit home run by a Major League player this season at 115.3 mph. Not only is Rodriguez in awe of his good season so far, but so are some of his teammates, especially one teammate  whohad a good view of Rodriguez’s last RBI when he was standing at second base as a pinch-runner.

“It’s pretty impressive, you know, to take all the time off that he’s taken off,” Outfielder Brett Gardner said after the game. “He’s no spring chicken anymore, either. But the bat speed, his bat’s really, really quick through ..read more

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Report: Yankees interested in Braves 2B prospect Jose Peraza


With Stephen Drew on a one-year contract, the Yankees could turn to Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela to play second base for the long-term, right?

Not quite.

The New York Post is reporting the Yankees are interested in the Atlanta Braves second base prospect Jose Peraza, who is currently playing at the Triple-A level. A source told the Post the Yankees made contact with the Braves and even sent a scout to watch Peraza.

The Yankees interest in Peraza could be indication the organization isn’t committed to Refsnyder and Pirela. Refsnyder continues to struggle in Triple-A and at the moment, Pirela is on the road to returning from a concussion. The Yankees most likely wouldn’t be interested in trading Luis Severino, but they could eventually part with Gary Sanchez, who has been replaced by John Ryan Murphy as the prized back-up catcher.

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Yankees hope Didi Gregorius can get back on track


It’s quite obvious no one can replace Derek Jeter‘s presence in the Yankees clubhouse or on the field, but at the position, the Yankees have tabbed Didi Gregorius to play shortstop. The only problem is, through his first nine games, Gregorius has looked awful. He’s made base running blunders, defensive blips and had offensive woes–he still doesn’t have an extra base-hit to his credit. Of course, it’s only been nine games, but fans were optimistic about Gregorius when he was playing well in Spring Training. And while we would like to see results, we do forget that Gregorius is 25, and younger players tend to be inconsistent early on in their careers.

“Let’s not forget that (Gregorius) is 25,” manager Joe Girardi said following Wednesday’s 7-5 loss to the Orioles. “There’s an adjustment period for a lot of people when they come to New York. It’s not the easiest position to handle either. He’s, in a sense, the captain of an infield and in charge. He has a lot of responsibilities. It’s been a week, too, and that’s why I don’t make too much of it.”

Girardi’s been aware of Gregorius’s struggles but he thinks Gregorius is going through a slump and to the contrary, isn’t letting the fact he’s replacing Derek Jeter get in his head.

“Of course you do (worry about it getting in his head),” Girardi said. “Because maybe they haven’t had a lot of experience coming out of it. But I’m sure that any player that has had any bit of time and experience in the minor leagues or the big leagues has had slumps, or has had slow starts, or a month where they didn’t hit well. ..read more

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Brett Gardner has MRI on his wrist


The only news coming out of the Yankees organization today was surrounding the health of outfielder Brett Gardner and it was basically nothing we haven’t heard before.

Brett Gardner had an MRI on his wrist in Tampa and the MRI confirmed Gardner has a bone bruise. Gardner aims to be in the lineup by tomorrow night when the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays but if I were Joe Girardi, I’d sit him out of the lineup one more day. Wrist injuries, especially in Gardner’s case given his health history, aren’t anything to fool around with and the Yankees would rather be safe than sorry.

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How have Didi Gregorius and Shane Greene fared so far?


We are only a week and a half into the 2015 regular season and the most talked about Yankee hasn’t been Alex Rodriguez, who has returned to the team following a 2014 suspension. It’s Didi Gregorius. Unfortuntely for Gregorius, he hasn’t gotten off on the right foot with the fans.

Over the offseason, the Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers were trade partners, the Yankees sending RHP Shane Greene to the Tigers and the Diamondbacks sending the Yankees Gregorius. The trade seemed innocent enough–acquire a young talent to replace the legendary Derek Jeter at the position of shortstop. But one week into the season, it seems Gregorius has let the pressure of replacing Jeter get to him, which has hindered his offense, defense and baserunning ability.

While Gregorius has floundered under the bright lights of New York, Shane Greene has found his niche at and has done an exceptional job in the Detroit Tigers rotation. Now, we’re not going to declare the winner of this three-team trade because it’s far too early for that, but after a week of play let’s see where both Greene and Gregorius stand.

Didi Gregorius: In nine games with the Yankees, Gregorius is .174/.219/.391 with no HR’s, 2 RBI’s, one walk, one stolen base, one caught stealing and one error. Clearly, Gregorius hasn’t done much on offense, defense or the basepaths to give the Yankees the boost they’ve been looking for at the bottom of the order. Players like Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury share the same qualities as Gregorius–they’re not power-hitters, although out of the three Gardner is more likely to hit the ball out ..read more

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Yankees still searching for recipe to success


When you follow a cake recipe, you have to put in all the ingredients for the cake to come out just right. If you forget to add something like butter, flour or most importantly sugar, the cake turns out wrong and it’s ultimately a disaster. Now, apply that logic to the 2015 New York Yankees, who are currently 3-6 after nine games. When the Yankees have good offense, the pitching let’s games get away. When the Yankees pitching is fabulous, the offense tends to struggle. On paper, the Yankees were supposed to be one of the best defensive teams in baseball and they’ve shown just the opposite.

The Yankees are still searching for the right consistency so they can make a recipe built for success, but it could be a while before they do.

“We’ve struggled a little bit (defensively),” Joe Girardi said following last night’s 7-5 loss to the Baltimore Orioles. “I don’t expect it to continue. I just think that, for whatever reason, we’ve struggled a little bit. Starts are hard to figure out. They really are. You see some guys that just get off to unbelievable starts, and some guys who struggle mightily out of the gate. You’ve just got to ride it out is what you have to do, because you know over time that it’s going to correct itself.”

If this team can correct itself, then they have their work cut out for them.  Most of the players in the lineup are in their late 30’s, the only one at the moment really hitting is Alex Rodriguez, The American League East believes Brett Gardner is some sort of pinata which is forcing him out of the lineup ..read more

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