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The Chris Young era in the Bronx is officially over. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Boston Red Sox and Chris Young have reportedly agreed to a multi-year contract, pending a physical. The exact numbers haven’t been made public at the time of this post. The Chris Young […]

Chris Young signs multi-year deal with Red Sox

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Next week is practically Christmas to the General Manager of any baseball team; the Winter Meetings will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from December 6 to 10 and this is where many expect the free agent ball will start rolling. The Yankees have done next to nothing prior to the […]

Preparing for the Winter Meetings

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This week was a relatively quiet one for the Yankees as it was the week of Thanksgiving. And while the Yankees didn’t get anything done, there were rumors a former second basemen wanted to return to New York. Brian Cashman stuck to his mantra that everyone was available by placing […]

A Week in Review: Blue Jays, Cano, Nova and Refsnyder

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Last night the Toronto Blue Jays intensified the American League East division race by signing J.A. Happ to a 3-year, $36 Million contract. The Happ signing affects the Yankees in a few ways, but first let’s discuss how the contract positively impacts the Blue Jays. Adding Happ would bolster their […]

Blue Jays intensify AL East race with J.A. Happ signing

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Black Friday occurs once a year–a day after Thanksgiving where everyone talks about what they’re thankful for. And it’s a day where shoppers find a good deal on things they desperately want or need. The same can apply to Major League Baseball, since teams are trying to find the best […]

Which Yankees have the best deals on the roster?

After a long year of trials and tribulations, today is the day where we sit and focus on the things that we do have, and not on the things that we don’t. You could be thankful for health, love, or  even the fact the Yankees made it to the postseason […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Bronx Baseball Daily

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Over the last few weeks, the Yankees have held to their word when they said everyone was on the trading block. And the names you’ve heard swirling in trade rumors for the last month were a bit surprising, considering how much importance both outfielder Brett Gardner and closer Andrew Miller […]

Sherman: Yankees willing to trade Ivan Nova–but there’s a catch

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For the last few seasons, the Yankees needed to fill the hole at second base and have tried everything from acquiring Brian Roberts to trading for Stephen Drew.  Unfortunately, none of the Yankees options thrived at the position that once belonged to Robinson Cano and it has forced the Yankees […]

Rob Refsnyder prepared to win second base opportunity with Yankees

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During the 2013 offseason, Robinson Cano not only shocked the Yankees, but he also shocked the baseball world when he left a $175 Million contract offer from the Yankees on the table for a $240 Million deal with the Seattle Mariners. But two years into the 10-year deal, Cano is […]

Report: Robinson Cano would love to return to New York

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It’s no secret the 2015 free agent market is thin, and the Yankees have a few holes to fill. And two of the main names that have been involved in trade discussions are closer Andrew Miller and outfielder Brett Gardner. In fact, there had been so much chatter that there […]

Are the Yankees serious about dealing Gardner and Miller?