Another Problem with Marty Foster

From River Ave Blues:

There was an incident the day before, though, one I think that many people forget.

Yup. I forgot. And encase you forgot too, I’ll explain the situation. The day was July 5 and the Yankees were at home against the Blue Jays. In the bottom of the first, a Derek Jeter single, a Mark Teixeira walk, and a Jorge Posada single, had the bases loaded with just one out.

Hideki Matsui came up and grounded out to the first-base side of the infield. Lyle Overbay booted the ball and Jeter came around to score. Teixeira tried to take advantage of the error and score from second. He was called out by home plate umpire Marty Foster, but in reality he was safe because Toronto catcher Raul Chavez tagged him with his glove despite the fact that the ball was in his other hand.

Take a look at the photo evidence:

Photo: William Perlman – The Star-Ledger

Photo: William Perlman – The Star-Ledger

Not only does this picture clearly show that Chavez clearly has the ball in the other hand, it also shows that Foster has a clear view of the ball. This call wasn’t a big deal because the Yankees didn’t make a big deal of it on the field, but they probably should have.

Another blown call by umpire Marty Foster against the Yankees. I still am not of the belief that there is a conspiracy against the Yankees. The problem could be that Foster, an umpire since 1996, is just bad. Hopefully the Yankees don’t run into him in the playoffs. I like it better when the players decide the outcome of the game.

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