Posada Could Expect A Suspension

Jorge Posada was involved in some, let’s call them tense situations that lead to a brawl against the Toronto Blue Jays tonight and, according to Peter Abraham of the Journal news, he could probably expect a suspension of some type.

The entire incident started when Yankees reliever Mark Melancon hit Toronto’s second baseman Aaron Hill in the back during the top of the eighth. For the most part, it looked innocent. During the bottom of the inning, Jesse Carlson threw behind the back of Posada.

That’s what happens in baseball though. When one team’s star player is thrown at, even unintentionally, the offended team often will retaliate. In this case Posada wasn’t even hit, he eventually walked. The shit hit the fan that inning when Posada came around to score and tossed an elbow at Carlson and the benches emptied.

Or as Abraham put it:

We have a brawl as Sonny Corleone Posada threw an elbow at Carlson after he scored and was ejected. Then the brawl started. Shelley Duncan, a good man to have on your side in such affairs, was right in the middle of it. Of course.

Posada and Carlson were both eventually ejected and Shelley Duncan had some fun. But was Posada right in his reaction? It doesn’t seem so. This situation should have been over when Posada nearly got hit. But Posada can be a hot headed player and probably got angry because Melancon’s throw wasn’t intentional.

It’s to bad too because Major League Baseball is probably not going to like this and a suspension is certainly possible. There really is no reason for the Yankees to stoop this low. Forget it, the Blue Jays are done and the Bombers have a comfortable lead. Getting in a brawl like this only sets the Yankees up for an injury.

Thanks to a seven game lead, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But with Andy Pettitte having shoulder problems and three games left with the Red Sox, who are just not getting their pitching staff in order, the AL East is not a forgone conclusion. Be careful.

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