Posada Suspended 3 Games for Starting Brawl

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and outfielder Shelley Duncan each received three game suspensions and were fined $3000 for their role in yesterday’s brawl with the Blue Jays, according to Peter Abraham of the Journal News.

Relief pitcher Edwar Ramirez and hitting coach Kevin Long were also fined.

Posada and Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Carlson were each originally suspended four games, but after appealing their suspensions were reduced to three games.

It’s good timing for Posada because he’s been dealing with finger injuries and he apparently suffered a stiff neck from the fight. He was already taking tonight’s game off so another two games won’t kill him and he’ll be able to come back fresh.

Duncan won’t really be missed as he doesn’t really get any playing time in important spots anyways. If the Yankees get into another brawl while Duncan is out that could be a problem.

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