What About Albaladejo for the Playoffs?

Right handed reliever Jonathan Albaladejo gave up a run last night, it was the first earned run he’s allowed since being called up in the beginning of the month.

Over that span he’s thrown 6.2 innings over six appearances with a 1-0 record, a 1.35 ERA, and a .588 OPS-against. Last night’s run ended a decent stretch, but it got me thinking Brian Bruney and Mark Melancon have been terrible, David Robertson is a question mark thanks to elbow problems. Should the Yankees consider bringing Albaladejo with them during the playoffs?

Well this one is a stretch as the Yankees are likely to carry anywhere from 10-12 pitchers during the playoffs and they have nearly that many who are musts for the roster. A quick run through the guys who are musts on the playoff roster: Sabathia, Pettitte, Burnett, Rivera, Hughes, Marte, Aceves, and we’ll throw Joba, Robertson, and Coke in there too.

Considering there is still Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin who could be added, if the Yankees need another pitcher it could come down to Albaladejo and Bruney. If that’s the case, I’d much rather the Yankees go with Albaladejo.

What I’ve already said makes a lot of assumptions. That’s assuming Robertson isn’t hurt, Joba doesn’t get left off for ineffectiveness, and Phil Coke isn’t ignored because of his own ineffectiveness.

I guess my point is, Albaladejo has pitched well enough to at least be in the conversation.

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