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ALCS Game 4 Open Tread

An important game for the Yankees who are looking to make up for a few missteps yesterday. Hopefully the rest of the offense can join Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Hideki Matsui who have, at times, been the lone contributors. … Continue reading

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Yankees/Angels: State of the Bullpens

Back-to-back extra innings games forced each manager to use their entire bullpens in this series. Tonight the Angels throwing Scott “5 innings” Kazmir and the Yankees using CC “pitching on three nights rest” Sabathia so chances are they’re going to … Continue reading

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Sabathia Will Succeed Tonight

While the Angels picked to use a four-man rotation, the Yankees have chosen a three-man rotation. There is no general right or wrong answer for all the teams. The decision varies for each team based on the starting pitching depth. … Continue reading

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Scott Kazmir’s Stats Against the Yankees

When the Rays traded left handed pitcher Scott Kazmir to the Angels during this season my initial thought was, ‘good, now they’ll have to face him less.’ What I probably should have been thinking was, ‘great, now the Yankees have … Continue reading

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