After Game Two Win, Still Some Questions

I have a few questions for both Yankee manger Joe Girardi and Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia. Here the are:

For you, Mr. Girardi:

1. Why did you pinch run Brett Gardner for Nick Swisher if you weren’t going to call for a steal? Gardner’s value comes from his speed and his defense and the former was not utilized last night and I don’t quite understand why. This cost Nick Swisher two at bats and with his bat, he could’ve helped end the game earlier. This obviously didn’t kill the Yankees as they still won the game, but the question remains: what’s the point of having a pinch runner if he’s not going to, you know, run?

2. This is another running question. I know Freddy Guzman is ridiculously fast, but I still don’t think he is the one who should have been running for DH Hideki Matsui. Jerry Hairston may not be as fast as Guzman, but he’s an infinitely better hitter than Guzman (that isn’t saying much). Again, Hairston getting two at bats instead of Guzman’s pathetic looking strikeout could have had yielded a different outcome. This move, however, is less puzzling and troubling than the Gardner/Swisher one.

For Mr Scioscia, I have just one real question:

Why in the hell did you let Brian Fuentes pitch to Alex Rodriguez in the bottom of the 11th? I know Rodriguez was down 0-2, but even down 0-2, there is a chance a big hit can occur, and it did. With Guzman and Gardner following, Fuentes should’ve just let Rodriguez walk and tried to force Guzman and Gardner to beat him. The Angels could’ve definitely won the game in the 11th if they were more cautious with Alex Rodriguez.

Lastly, I have a question for Maicer Izturis:

What in the hell were you thinking? Why would you ever try to turn two on that ground ball? What an awful, awful play.

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