Aroldis Chapman Comes to New York

According to Jorge Arangure of ESPN, 21-year-old Cuban prospect Aroldis Chapman came to New York today with the idea of meeting with different general managers to discuss the left handed fireballer’s future.

aroldis-chapmanChapman’s agent would not speak specifically when discussing which teams he would meet with. Arangure did report that the deal is expected to be in the $40-60 million range with the Yankees and Red Sox to be the top suitors. He also mentioned the Giants and Athletics as other potential team’s looking for his services. He does specifically single out the Dodgers as not interested.

His agent, Edwin Mejia, passed on this quote: “Aroldis is very excited to be coming to the states and plans to spend some time in the cities of the teams interested in him, exploring the sights and meeting the fans in addition to the team representatives,”

The quote from Mejia makes it sound like he is in New York specifically to talk with one of the teams. Arangure seems to think it is specifically the Yankees, but I have a feeling the Mets could get into this as well.

This was a particularly bad season for the Mets and I think they are worried about keeping their brand new stadium full. This means they have to win now or at least soon.

I doubt Chapman would be their only target, and he might not even be their main target, but they seem desperate enough that they’re going to at least make an effort. Even if it’s only Omar Minaya trying to make it look like he’s working real hard.

The Yankees will be interested and I’ve heard rumors about Brian Cashman meeting with his Mejia, but I haven’t heard anything substantial. Cashman does like to keep things out of the media. So it’s hard to gauge where the Yankees are at with this situation.

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