Don’t Worry About A-Rod

In the past Yankee fans haven’t expect much out of Alex Rodriguez in October, but he’s changed all of that this season, but in his first ever World Series he is once again shrinking at the big stage.

If you want a at bat by at bat look at how he’s been doing then you should immediately go to I-Yankees and check out the great in depth analysis done on the subject. If you want the short story, he’s been about as bad as you can get without hitting into any double-plays. 0-for-8 with six strikeouts.

But really what can be done about this? Nothing. And he’s got to be kept in the cleanup spot because when he does get hot again he can carry this team, just like he carried them to this World Series.

Sure he’s looked  bad, but Cliff Lee and Pedro have done a good job so far in this series. He’s seen some pitches that he probably should have been able to hit, but it’s been the way these guys have pitched to him that have kept him off balance so that when they do make a mistake to him he hasn’t been able to capitalize on it.

That happens and A-Rod is trying. Actually, he’s probably working on it right now by working in the batting cage or watching video of his at bats. He’s been too good lately, and really, all season. Maybe he won’t be able to fix his problem, but teams that win the World Series generally don’t lean on just one man. He brought this team this far, now somebody needs to step up and take them all the way. Even though he is 0-for-the series so far, he’s still just as likely as anybody to be the one to step up and take them the rest of the way.

“The first couple series, Alex carried the entire offense, really, and he hasn’t gotten any hits,” Mark Teixeira said.

“I’m going to bet that Alex is going to be fine the rest of the series,” Teixeira added. “And if not, then hopefully me or a couple other guys are going to step it up and do what we’ve done all season.”

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