Hinske Should be Added to WS Roster

Corner infielder and outfielder Eric Hinske was taken off the ALCS roster in favor of the speedy Freddy Guzman, who was used for pinch running purposes. In the World Series, however, this should be reversed.

eric-hinskeGuzman really has no purpose in the World Series, as he is a “one skill player”, in that he’s only got one usable skill: his legs. That skill can only take a player so far, and Guzman’s got no purpose on the Yankees right now. Despite his speed, he is superfluous. Brett Gardner can adequately pinch run and play defense in late inning spots. His bat is also not nearly as bad as Guzman’s.

While the Yankees play in the National League park for at least Games Three and Four, an extra bat off the bench is very necessary. While Hinske has a rather pronounced platoon split, his bat is still better than both Guzman and Gardner.

Some might suggest that both Guzman and Hinske be on the roster, but that would require dropping a pitcher–perhaps one of the lefties. With the Phillies’ left handed power, especially Ryan Howard, two LHPs, Phil Coke and Damaso Marte, will be needed.

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