Is Buddhism Responsible for A-Rod’s Success?

Alex Rodriguez has been a man of many women the past couple of years and apparently he is the man of many religions as well. First there was Madonna and the Kabbalah and now there is Kate Hudson and Buddhism, according to Amanda Sidman of the Daily News.

A source close to the Bronx Bomber calls A-Rod a “religious chameleon” who lately has been flirting with Buddhism, thanks to girlfriend Kate Hudson.

“It’s an important part of her life,” says the insider about the religion of the slugger’s squeeze, who was raised as a Buddhist. “And it seems like Alex really just wants to make her happy.”

A spy sitting behind the blond bombshell at Yankee Stadium last Friday night (right behind the dugout, natch) says the actress even brought Buddha prayer beads with her to the game, carefully laying them across the railing in front of her seats. “It was a long strand of brown beads, and she and her friends would pick them up from time to time,” the fan said.

I’m not sure what to say about this situation. A-Rod is a funny guy, but this seems like a move purely to make his girlfriend, and especially her mother Goldie Hawn who is very much into Buddhism, happy. And if it makes A-Rod’s girlfriend happy it seems like it is keeping him happy as he has thrived in the post season, carrying the Yankees to the World Series.

If he is successful in helping the Yankees beating the Phillies this season maybe the Yankees should have a big fat statue erected in the clubhouse or dugout.

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