It’s Raining in New York

So it’s raining here in New York and the weather report makes it seem like this weather isn’t breaking up anytime between now and the Yankees game, but the weathermen are reporting that it should break up right around game time allowing them to get tonight’s game in.

Here is what has to say about tonight’s game:

Soaking rain will taper to lighter rain and drizzle for Game 1 of the World Series in the Bronx, N.Y., tonight. Dry weather will return to the Northeast for Thursday and Friday. A storm now moving into the Plains could bring rain into the Northeast again Saturday for Game 3 of the Series in Philadelphia. meteorologists expect the bulk of the rain will leave the Bronx and the Atlantic coast by this evening. However, there will be areas of lingering lighter rain and drizzle. Players may be dealing with a soggy outfield and fans will want to be prepared for damp, chilly weather.

Hopefully the World Series gets underway on time tonight. I’ve heard rumors that it might wash out Jay-Z’s pregame performance that is expected to start around 7:30 p.m. tonight. Hopefully that will be unaffected as well.

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