Jay-Z’s Opener Moved to Thursday

Jay-Z’s New York State of Mind has become an anthem for the 2009 Yankees thanks to the rapper propensity to wear Yankee hats and Derek Jeter’s choice of the song for his walk-up music. So the Yankees got Hova to open the World Series with the song, but now the weather has forced the Yankees to make a chance.

Instead of opening the World Series tonight with New York State of Mind, the performance has been rescheduled to tomorrow night, Thursday.

This is sure to upset those with tickets for tonight without tickets for tomorrow night, but this is a move that makes sense. They’ll be lucky tonight if the game starts on time. There is no reason complicate things by trying to force a mini-concert before the game.

“As a die-hard Yankee fan,” Jay-Z said discussing the event, “I’m honored to perform a song that celebrates the greatness of New York in one of our city’s most important landmarks, Yankee Stadium.”

I’m just glad to hear that they didn’t cancel Jay-Z’s performance altogether.

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