The Boss Has Been Active

George Steinbrenner has taken a back seat to other people within the organization more and more over the past couple of years as his son Hal and general manager Brian Cashman have taken over a more important roll.

George Steinbrenner watches as the Yankees play in Tampa.

But the Yankees are dominant again and that has peaked the interest of The Boss. He was on hand this week as the Yankees were in Tampa playing the Rays. The front office has also said that while he will not be attending the ALDS if the Yankees advance to the ALCS he will make an appearance there.

Then today he released a statement through the Yankees PR:

“This has been a tremendous year for our team as we have settled into our new home,” Steinbrenner said. “The New York Yankees are proud of our rich history of outstanding players and this year’s team has worked hard to prove that they are worthy of the great distinction of calling themselves Yankees.

“We look forward to finishing what we started this season and never losing sight of our goal – to bring another championship to the best fans in the world and the great city of New York.”

His added involvement will make it interesting if the Yankees somehow tanked in the playoffs. In the past he was very polarizing and if this team ultimately was a failure his mood would switch from bright to stormy overnight. Hopefully we won’t find out if the Old Boss is still lurking.

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