Thoughts on World Series Roster Moves

As I suggested yesterday, Eric Hinske was added to the Yankees World Series roster to be an extra bat off of the bench. He is taking the spot of the fast Freddy Guzman who really serves no purpose on the Yankees. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if Freddy Guzman ever plays a meaningful game for the Yankees again.

Brian Bruney

The other move made yesterday was Brian Bruney’s addition to the roster. This meant that young catcher Francisco Cervelli was taken off of the roster. Now, the Yankees are only carrying two catchers. This move brings a two thoughts to mind:

1. The addition of another reliever hints towards the idea that Chad Gaudin will be getting a start. An extra starter–who’s not exactly a great one–means that an extra bullpen arm will be needed. Hopefully, though, this is just a precautionary measure because Gaudin should not be starting in this series. The Phillies feature a lefty heavy lineup, and they absolutely crushed right handed pitching this season. Their lefty hitters put up a combined .814 OPS against right handed pitchers, and Chad Gaudin gave up a .296/.408/.415/.823 line against left handed batters this year. Gaudin and the Phillies lineup will not end well for the Yankees. The alternative route that should be taken is to keep rolling with three starting pitchers: CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Andy Pettitte. This does, however, require both A.J. and Andy to start on three days worth of rest, rather than four. A.J. would be starting Games Two and Five, and Andy Games Three and Six. I have much more faith in Andy and A.J. on three days rest than I do in Chad Gaudin on a lot of rest.

2. The removal of Francisco Cervelli hints that Joe Girardi is thinking a little more clearly and that Jorge Posada will be starting behind the dish during games in which A.J. Burnett pitches. I really don’t have much to say about this except that it’s an overdue move. The top of the first inning in Game Five of the ALCS should be used to prove that it does not matter who the catcher is if the pitcher cannot locate or hit his spots. It appears that General Joe was paying close attention and has corrected a mistake.

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