Times Square Pep Rally for Yanks

Not that Yankee fans need it, but the city of New York is hosting a pep rally in Times Square to honor the Yankees as they try go get fans pumped up tomorrow night’s game 1 which will take place later on during the day at 7:57.

The pep rally itself takes place at the corner of 7th ave and Broadway, aka Times Square, and is set to start at 12:30 p.m. Two blowhards named Michael will host the event, Michael Kay and Michael Bloomberg. The city is also trying to promote people wearing Yankee colors, shirts, and hats to work and school to promote the Bombers.

They haven’t announced whether or not the pep rally will be televised, but you can watch it online at CBS’s website if you need some pep while you are waiting at home for the game to come on.

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