Yankees Finalize WS Roster, Hinske & Bruney Added

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees have added outfielder Eric Hinske and right handed pitcher Brian Bruney to their World Series roster and have removed outfielder Freddy Guzman and catcher Francisco Cervelli to make room for them.

Bruney is a ticking timebomb in the bullpen.

It seems that these moves signal the end of the AJ BurnettJose Molina partnership. Without the third catcher on the roster the Yankees aren’t going to want Molina’s weak bat in the starting lineup because they would be reluctant to replace him for a pinch hitter without insurance which is what Cervelli was.

Getting rid of Guzman makes sense as well. He was added to the roster because manager Joe Girardi was concerned about matching up with the Angel’s speed, but it turned out not to make much of a difference at all. In reality they would have benefited much more with having Hinske’s bat on the roster to play for the struggling Nick Swisher or pinch hitting for various other players.

The move to add Bruney to the roster makes me pretty scared of potential moves Girardi is going to pull, but I do understand their reasoning for it. There are going to be less off days between in the World Series than the ALCS and the way the Girardi burns through relievers with his constant match-ups the Yankees are going to need all the pitchers they can get. This also allows the Yankees to use Chad Gaudin as the forth starter and still keep the same amount of relievers. This doesn’t mean they’re definitely using Gaudin that way, but it gives them the option.

Overall the roster is set up pretty well right now. It makes you wonder why they didn’t go into the ALCS this way. Obviously the Yankees made it through alive, but there were times Hinske was missed and there wasn’t one time where Guzman made a difference. Especially considering the fact that Brett Gardner didn’t get a start there really was no reason to have had Guzman on that roster.

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