Yankees Lowering Ticket Prices in 2010

According to the AP, the Yankees are taking a page out of the Met’s book and announced that they are cutting ticket prices for next season.

A total of 538 seats along the foul lines will be called the Champions Suite and will no longer have access to the duplex restaurant behind home plate, according to the team’s 2010 premium seat plan.

Those seats cost $500 to $1,000 this year as part of full season tickets but will sell for $300 to $500 next year. They will still have waiter service and access to lounges down each foul line with free food to take to the seats and soft drinks.

Legends Suite seats behind the plate, which fetched $850 to $2,500 this season, will cost $650 to $1,250 next year, while seats behind the half of the dugouts nearer to home plate and the section just to the plate side will go for $800 to $1,500.

New York said $25 per game will be added to each seat for partial season plans. Prices are expected to be more for individual ticket sales.

In addition, the Yankees cut the price of some seats in the Delta Sky 360 Suite, in the second deck behind home plate. Front-row seats there were slashed from $750 to $550 last April and will be reduced to $475 as part of season plans next year. The rest of that section, which includes waiter service, will go for $300 to $325.

For non-premium seats, the Yankees announced last month that 3,400 tickets behind home plate in the lower deck will be cut from $325 to $235 to $250 per game as part of season plans for next year.

Overall, the Yankees said last month that 41,928 of 50,086 seats will have the same season price as this year, and 6,454 will drop. The remainder, 1,704 non-premium seats, will increase from $100 to $125.

Good news for some Yankee fans, but personally this doesn’t really effect me much. Seats are essentially going from insanely expensive to I can afford these if I skip vacation this year.

Still it’s a positive sign. We’ve seen too many empty seats ruining our telecasts and the new stadium seems slightly quieter than the old one. Maybe this can help fill out some of those empty seats.

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  1. So it turns out that the Yankees are raising the price on bleacher seats for partial season ticket holders.

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