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Matt Holliday had a big season in 2009, despite a dropped fly-ball in the playoffs, as he proved he didn’t need Coors Field to hit and it helped to make him the gem of the free agent class.

Despite that, he still might not be the best fit for the Yankees according to our own Matt Imbrogno. Unfortunately for Matt that hasn’t stopped the Yankees from being brought up when people are discussing the former Rockie/Athletic/Cardinal.

That’s because, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox, the market for Holliday might be a lot smaller than his agent, Scott Boras, would like. Morosi wrote that because there aren’t a lot of teams in the market for a left fielder who can afford the monster contract Holliday is going to require.

He lists the Mets, Giants, Mariners, and Cardinals as teams that would love to sign Holliday, but will eventually be forced to back out as their bids will not come close to those of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels – the three teams that Morosi ultimately tabbed as being serious bidders. The fact that the Cardinals have not yet extended a serious offer to Holliday suggests that Morosi may be right.

The thing is that is is going to be hard to gauge the Yankees real interest in Holliday until he signs with a team, be it the Yankees or any other team. As Buster Olney of ESPN has suggested, the Yankees may just be keeping tabs on Holliday to drive up the price for other teams.

For those of us who are familiar with GM Brian Cashman’s method of doing things, he tends to keep his plans quite until the last minute. If the Red Sox resign Jason Bay, it may not take as much as people think to outbid most of the other teams interested in Holliday. If that’s the case then the Yankees could make a last second play like they did last season with Mark Teixeira.

Other rumors have the Yankees out of the Holliday sweepstakes because the Yankees are supposedly going to be quite this winter. To that I have to say, I’ve heard that before, just like they couldn’t afford to sign Teixeira a year ago.

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