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I did this at my site last year, so I thought I’d bust it out again. What I’m going to be doing is punching in some numbers into the lineup analysis tool from baseballmusings.com.

The numbers I’m going to be using are the 2010 CHONE Projections. I’m using them because RLYW’s CAIRO projections for non-Yankees haven’t been released. This allows me to be a little more even when including non-Yankees. Anyway, I’ll be doing a few different lineup configurations and what I post here will not be the “optimized” lineup that the calculator spits out, but rather what I think the realistic lineup would be. The difference between and optimized lineup and a non-optimized lineup is generally not that great.

First up, the same lineup from last season, which would be:
1. Jeter
2. Damon
3. Teixiera
4. Rodriguez
5. Matsui
6. Posada
7. Cano
8. Swisher
9. Cabrera

This team would score an average of 5.704 runs per game, which over 162 games would be 924 runs. Fantastic.

Next, let’s run a slightly different scenario. Let’s say the Yankees bring back both Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon, as well as adding Mike Cameron to play CF like I want them to. That would push Melky out of the everyday lineup and I imagine it would look like this:
1. Jeter
2. Damon
3. Tex
4. A-Rod
5. Matsui
6. Posada
7. Cano
8. Cameron
9. Swisher

This lineup would perform slightly worse than the previous one, at 5.678 runs per game (920 per 162), mostly because of an unfavorable projection to Mike Cameron (.321 OBP/.420 SLG) and a rather bullish projection for Melky Cabrera (.349/.427). I think Cameron will definitely perform above that and would expect Melky to play below his (though I’ll be very happy if he does meet that projection).

Another scenario I posited had Nick Johnson returning to the Yankees in a DH role. Let’s say this happens, and Johnny Damon is back. This is an unlikely scenario, but I like Nick Johnson a lot so let’s see how he’d affect the lineup:
1. Jeter
2. Johnson
3. Tex
4. Rodriguez
5. Damon
6. Posada
7. Cano
8. Swisher
9. Cabrera

This lineup would be pretty nasty. Johnson’s projected .395 OBP in front of Teixeira and Rodriguez would be incredible. On average, this team would score 5.735 runs per game, or 929 during the course of 162 games.

Let’s see what would happen if Damon left and Matsui returned. This creates a bit of a problem since there’s no internal choice to move over to left. For my selfish reasons, let’s assume Cameron in center and Cabrera in left:
1. Jeter
2. Swisher
3. Tex
4. Rodriguez
5. Matsui
6. Posada
7. Cano
8. Cameron
9. Cabrera

This team would pound out 5.684 runs per game, 920 through 162 games.

Here’s a doomsday scenario. Damon and Matsui leave and no other FA is brought in. This could get ugly.
1. Jeter
2. Cano
3. Tex
4. Rodriguez
5. Posada
6. Miranda
7. Cabrera
8. Swisher
9. Gardner

Surprisingly enough, this lineup doesn’t project to be all that awful, scoring 5.617 runs per game, 909 for the season. Juan Miranda’s projection: .330/.449; Brett Gardner’s .353/.380.

33 thoughts on “Yankees 2010 Lineup Projections

  • Alec

    Damon better stop being greedy and take 8or9 mil.
    If he's here

  • Rob Abruzzese

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Yankees retain Nady either, but it doesn't look like they're that interested. Maybe things will change.

  • yoyankeesfan123

    here is the real lineup people.

  • richard

    Either way as long as A-rod and Teixeira stay healthy there to Strong! come on people we won the Series with 3 man Starting Rotation and Big MO. BOSTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jared

    Wow. This is the lineup, guaranteed
    Jeter ss 1. cc
    Johnson dh 2. aj
    tex 1b 3. andy
    arod 3b 4. javi
    posada c 5. joba/hughes
    cano 2b
    granderson cf
    swisher rf
    gardner lf

  • Paul B.

    This is my lineup VS RHP

    1. Jeter – SS
    2. Granderson – CF
    3. Tex – 1B
    4. A.Rod – 3B
    5. Cano – 2B
    6. Posada – C
    7. Swisher – RF
    8. Johnson – DH
    9. Gardner – LF

    This is my lineup VS LHP

    1. Jeter – SS
    2. Winn – LF (Last season was a fluke for him, he'll be better this year against LHP)
    3. Tex – 1B
    4. A.Rod – 3B
    5. Cano – 2B
    6. Swisher – RF
    7. Posada – C
    8. Johnson – DH
    9. Granderson – CF (He'll never hit well against LHP)

  • manuel alonso


  • Cody Janks

    SS Derek Jeter
    RF Nick Swisher
    1B Mark Teixeira
    3B Alex Rodriguez
    2B Robinson Cano
    DH Jorge Posada
    CF Curtis Granderson
    C Francisco Cervelli
    LF Brett Gardner

  • ryan n.

    this is the real lineup


    Extra hitters.Nick Johnson,Colin Curtis,Ramiro Pena,Juan Miranda,Marcus Thames

  • ryan n.

    This is the Yankees Starting Rotation

    1. CC Sabathia
    2. AJ Burnett
    3. Andy Pettite
    4. Javier Vazquez
    5. Phil Hughes (he deserves to be in the 3 spot)

    Yankees Releivers

    Alfredo Aceves
    David Robertson
    Chad Gaudin
    Boone Logan
    Chan Ho Park
    Damaso Marte
    Joba Chamberlain (8th inning Setupman)(For Mo)
    Dustin Mosely
    Sergio Mitre
    Mariano Rivera

  • ryan n.

    OK this is the Trade Deadline Lineup

    1. Jeter.ss.1.cc
    2. Swisher.rf.2.aj
    3. Tex.1b/dh.3.javi
    4. A-rod.3b/dh (hit ur 600th hr already).4.pettite
    5. Cano.2b.5.hughes
    6. posada.c/dh
    7. Berkman.dh/1b
    8. Granderson.cf
    9. Cervelli/Gardner/Kearns/Curtis/Pena/Thames/

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