Yanks Decline Mitre’s Option But He’s Not Going Anywhere

According to Marc Carig of the Star Ledger, the Yankees declined the $1.25 million option on right handed pitcher Sergio Mitre. That doesn’t mean Mitre is going anywhere though as he is remains under the Yankees control and is arbitration eligible.

sergio-mitre-345x400This was not an unexpected move. The Yankees might end up paying him as much or more, but that is unlikely and would probably only happen if they actually went to arbitration. Instead they’ll likely reach an agreement before it gets that far and it will be less, maybe not a whole lot less, that they would otherwise had to pay him.

He wasn’t very good this season, 3-3 6.79 ERA, but he came back from Tommy John surgery pretty quickly this year and maybe a year removed he will be improved. At least he’s providing the team with depth. At worst he helps Scranton win another title.

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