8-Year Offer was Exaggerated but Holliday Still Longshot for the Bronx; Updated!

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Cardinals don’t see many major opponents in their quest to resign Matt Holliday and are standing firm on a 5-year off and not an 8-year offer that was reported yesterday.

matt-hollidayIf you think this opens a window to let the Yankees back in think again. Olney also reported yesterday that there is “not a chance” that they get involved in bidding for the outfielder. Olney was told, “That’s not happening.”

If there is no 8-year offer on the table then the two sides are farther apart than they appeared to be yesterday. Since that is now the case don’t buy into the idea that there is no chance the Yankees are 100 percent out of this. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman likes to keep his plans as confidential as possible. He’ll occasionally let on as to what his thinking is, but he is the same guy who denied signing Mark Teixeira until the story broke that they had actually signed him. There was also another very similar situation when they traded for outfielder Bobby Abreu a few years back. Cashman is a stealth ninja.

Olney is also a very good reporter with pretty high standards. If he is reporting that he believes the Yankees are not in then there is certainly reason to believe him. So as of right now the Yankees are not involved in Holliday and I believe that. But this is the Yankees and Holliday is a big slugger things can certainly change at anytime and you’d better believe that they’re not just going to sit on the sidelines and let the Mets have him.

Update (H/T to The Fowl Balls): Here is a quote from Buster Olney just days before the Yankees signed Mark Teixeira about one year ago, “[The Yankees] are pushing to cut their payroll in 2009, and they cannot sign Teixeira.” Just wanted to point that out.

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3 Responses to 8-Year Offer was Exaggerated but Holliday Still Longshot for the Bronx; Updated!

  1. mike rook says:

    Buster Brown is a horrible reporter in my opinion and also thought the Yankees had no interest in Mark Texeria. His opinions are often trash as most of the ESPN writers are. They report the news accurately but their opinions are junk. Unless you are a Red Sox fan, they sure love the Red Sox

  2. Speaking from a skills point of view, Buster Olney is probably in the top 3 sports journalists out there today. He's an excellent reporter and doesn't put words into people's mouths, exaggerate stories, or use hyperbole, change the meaning in people's words, or use 10 words when 4 will do. And he never leaves anything important out of stories. I really don't want to sound harsh, but if he you think he is a horrible reporter, again I'm sorry to say this, but your opinion is shot.

  3. As far as the Teixeira thing, he got caught believing what the Yankees told him. And if you think Olney is a Red Sox fan then you aren't paying attention. He's one of, if not the only one, the only Yankee fans at ESPN. But you probably couldn't tell because he's so good he keeps his bias out of most of his articles.

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