Another Yankees 2010 Payroll Update

We’ve done this a couple of times already this offseason. Once after the Yankees got Curtis Granderson and again when they added Nick Johnson. Since we have yet to do it after they acquired Javier Vazquez, I thought now would be as good a time as any.

Things to keep in mind: Brian Cashman has often talked about staying under a budget which is believed to be around $200 million. This will only be the budget for the 25-man roster, they do pay a luxury tax on the 40-man roster so those numbers are important too, but since it seems that Cashman’s budget doesn’t include those players, such as Kei Igawa, I have left them off this list. (Estimated salaries are in parenthesis).

Starting pitchers (estimated total of $63.65 million):
CC Sabathia – $23 million
AJ Burnett – $16.5 million
Andy Pettitte $11.75 million
Javier Vazquez – $11.5 million
Joba Chamberlain– ($900,000)

Relievers (estimated total of $25.99 million):
Mariano Rivera – $15 million
Damaso Marte – $4 million
Chad Gaudin – ($3 million)
Sergio Mitre – ($1.5 million)
Phil Hughes – ($900,000)
David Robertson – ($600,000)
Alfredo Aceves – ($600,000)
Mark Melancon – ($390,000)

Catchers (estimated total of $13.7 million):
Jorge Posada – $13.1 million
Francisco Cervelli – ($600,000)

Infielders (estimated total of $82.4 million):
Alex Rodriguez – $32 million
Mark Teixeira – $20 million
Derek Jeter – $21 million
Robinson Cano – $9 million
Ramiro Pena – ($600,000)

Outfielders (estimated total of $13.24):
Nick Swisher – $6.75 million
Curtis Granderson – $5.5 million
Brett Gardner – ($600,000)
Jamie Hoffmann – ($390,000)

Designated hitter (total of $5.5):
Nick Johnson – $5.5 million

Total: $204.48 estimated payroll for 2010

Thoughts: So far, by my estimate which could end up being off, they are over budget by about $4.5 million. To me that leaves Chad Gaudin very vulnerable as he is likely to earn at least $3 million in 2010. The catch is that this version of the 25-man roster has Brett Gardner as an everyday outfielder. That could certainly happen, but this is the Yankees we are talking about, they could end up changing outfielders. How, it is too hard to tell. Cashman is a ninja.

Notes: There are actually 26 players on this list. I have it this way because it is unlikely the Yankees will start the season with both Mitre and Gaudin on the roster. They’ll have one, but not both and it’s very hard to tell which it is going to be. Also, I changed some of my estimations from my previous payroll predictions after some comments from previous posts.

(all values come from Cot’s Baseball Contracts).

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  1. allan says:

    Are you taking into consideration that Texas is paying Arod $3m this year?

  2. Rob Abruzzese says:

    No they're not. Once he opted out of the deal after the 2007 season the Yankees lost all the money they would have gotten from Texas.

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