Aroldis Chapman Yankees Rumors

According to Jorge Arangure Jr of ESPN, left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman must have raised some eyebrows in the Yankees organization as they are trying to get him to throw for them again after the weather put somewhat of a damper on his throwing session two days ago.

aroldis-chapmanSince it was raining in Houston when Chapman threw in front of 15 clubs, he had to pitch indoors on a wooden mound. While wearing sneakers he threw for the clubs about 50 times sitting mostly around 92-93 MPH and dialed it up to 97 MPH at least once. Arangure is also reporting that Chapman opened some eyes during his session as he showed up a little bulkier, in a good way, and with a smoother delivery.

“He had a hitch in his lower body that caused his delivery to be inconsistent,” [agent Rodney] Fernandez, a former minor league pitcher in the Marlins system, said. “Teams were amazed at how quickly he’s been able to make the adjustments.”

Last we heard, the market for Chapman was expected to be around $20 million with the Yankees willing to go as high as $15. Now we are hearing teams could be interested in going as high as $30 million with no word on whether the Yankees are willing to up their bid or not. I imagine that we won’t hear that news until the Yankees see him pitch again. I think it is safe to say that if they watch him again and like what they see, they could easily go above $15 million.

Will they bid as high as necessary? Only time will tell, but this is the same team that paid $46 million for Kei Igawa.

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  1. Matt Imbrogno says:

    I'd go 4/25 for Chapman.

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