Bruney to the Braves?

George King of the NY Post is reporting (via is reporting that Brian Bruney may be on his way to Atlanta.  Since this story originates from The Post, I assume there’s no truth to it.  Why would the Braves want Bruney when they have Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito and supposedly Rafael Soriano is about to accept arbitration?

brian-bruneySure, we could speculate it’s actually a bigger deal involving Derek Lowe or Javier Vazquez, but that seems even more improbable.  Lowe makes too much money and I don’t know why the Braves would want to trade Vazquez (not to mention Javy’s last run with the Yanks didn’t turn out too great).

Plus, while I don’t think Cashman is too keen on signing free agent relievers, I also don’t think he wants to give away too much of what he has.

Consequently, the only way this makes sense is if it’s a deal for Soriano.  The Braves clearly didn’t expect Soriano to accept arbitration and they could simply be looking to move him in a salary dump for a less expensive reliever.

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7 Responses to Bruney to the Braves?

  1. That last paragraph is the most interesting. We keep hearing that the Yankees are interested in Soriano, but Cashman said he wouldn't give up a prospect for a reliever. Atlanta is already paying quite a bit for Wagner and Saito. This could be a deal that isn't announced until after Soriano has officially resigned with the Braves.

  2. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Hm, I don't think it'd be a trade for Soriano. I know he's just a reliever, but the Braves should want more than Bruney for him.

  3. Yeah, the more I think about it the likely scenario would probably be that they have a deal worked out for Bruney, but only if Soriano rejects arbitration.

  4. Brian Burkhart says:

    Soriano made $6.1 million last year. Arbitration could net him close to $7. Who would pay him that much? Certainly the Braves can't afford it. I think, based on contracts, Soriano for Bruney makes sense and is good value for both teams.

  5. Matt Imbrogno says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-64">

    Brian Burkhart: Soriano made $6.1 million last year.Arbitration could net him close to $7.Who would pay him that much?Certainly the Braves can’t afford it.I think, based on contracts, Soriano for Bruney makes sense and is good value for both teams.

    That's true. I wouldn't mind a trade for Soriano if all it took was Bruney. That's a better option than giving up a draft pick, right?

  6. Brian Burkhart says:

    I can't imagine Cashman ever giving up a draft choice for a reliever (and I believe he has said as much).

    I think that deal makes a ton of sense for the Braves, the more I think about it. The difference between Soriano and Bruney for an NL team looking for a 3rd reliever behind Wagner and Saito is pretty negligible. Yet the Braves would save over $5 million. That's the cost of an outfielder or another part (Nady perhaps?). The Braves might even have to send a little cash to the Yankees to make it work.

  7. Joel Sherman just reminded us that if Soriano accepts arbitration he cannot be dealt until June 1st without his approval. He also believes that he could make as much as $8 million through arbitration.

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