Cano Starting Pedro to Yankees Rumors

For some reason the Daily News sent reporter Christian Red to a golf course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where he spoke with Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano who likes the idea of the Bombers brining in free agent Pedro Martinez.

pedro-martinez“I say he’s got some more in him. He’d be good (with the Yankees), especially with the kind of team we got,” said Cano. “We score, most games, four or five runs. Guy like him, we only need him like five, six innings.”

Pedro himself was on hand for a round of golf and didn’t directly comment on being a Yankee, although he seemingly rejected the idea of becoming a Met with a no comment, he did reiterate his past comments that his preference is to return to the Phillies.

“It has to be the right situation for me, but I would welcome the Phillies coming to talk with me,” said Martinez. “It was a great experience.”

It’s not that I would hate Pedro coming to the Yankees, although I’d prefer him to stay away, I just don’t see it happening. Maybe if it were 10 years ago and George Steinbrenner was still calling the shots it might be something that happened. But today with Brian Cashman in charge the Yankees don’t make moves just to grab the newspaper headlines.

In a crazy was I do feel like he’d fit if the Yankees could somehow sign him and not his personality. From what we saw in the World Series, Pedro can still pitch. His problem seems to be with stamina. In game two of the WS he was throwing pretty well, but fell off towards the end. Then in game six he was still gassed from the previous start as he could hardly touch 90 MPH on the gun.

I do feel like if Pedro was only counted on to make occasional starts and spend most of his time coming out of the bullpen he could be an effective weapon. The problem is that’s just not going to happen that way. First of all, Pedro is probably going to do the half season thing again. Second, his ego is sure to get in the way.

He’s like Alex Rodriguez was before 2009, he just creates a story around himself. No matter what happens on the team, he’s going to be a distraction. Whether it is something bizarre he said or maybe he would refuse a middle relief role or he might even cry in the dugout. Pedro never stops.

Even when he was interviewed by Red, he was coming up with outlandish excuses about the World Series. Claiming he’d had the flu so bad that he had lost 16 pounds all while pitching with asthma. He’s just too much.

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2 Responses to Cano Starting Pedro to Yankees Rumors

  1. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Pedro could be a decent multiple inning bullpen option, that's it. No way should he get a guaranteed starting role w/an A.L. team.

  2. jeff says:

    out of the bullpen, he'd be great. great for himself, great for the younger guys, great for the team. he could conceivably prolong his flagging career by maybe as many as 5 years if he made the switch now. i think his ego about his past successes 5 years ago would prevent him from accepting such a role.

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