Cervelli Confirmed Backup to Posada

Either someone finally asked the question, or the Yankees finally remembered to mention that they’ll have a new backup catcher in town in 2010. See ya later, Jose Molina, and congratulations, Francisco Cervelli.

francisco-cervelliNothing against Molina. He was a prototypical backup: good defense, not so much of a hitter and slow as molasses.

Cervelli’s a different breed. He’s an up-beat kind of guy with some potential to grow as a hitter and has even shown spurts of speed. He also proved he can handle catching on a regular basis when Jorge Posada and Molina went down in the middle of May last season. Not only that, but he maintained a BA over .300! Maybe he’s a guy who needs to play everyday because he has trouble finding his groove every fifth day.

Defensively, he may not be as strong as Molina, but I think his attitude is in the right place. I only heard good things about his relationships with the starters and the rest of the clubhouse. Last year, he caught 10 runners stealing 23 chances.

The linked article from LoHud Yankees Blog also noted Alex Rodriguez will NOT need an additional surgery on his hip this winter. Good news all around.

This article is also featured on lenNY’s Yankees.

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2 Responses to Cervelli Confirmed Backup to Posada

  1. I like Cervelli…..good post buddy

  2. bob weisberger says:

    This is good news – he appears to be a better hitter, certainly has more speed, from what I saw was as good a defensive catcher as Molina, and the pitchers like him. I was sorry to see him go down when Molina came back. I think he will be a plus next season.

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