Chien-Ming Wang Yankees Rumors

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, Chien-Ming Wang is garnering quite a big of interest in the free agent market (at least 15 teams have expressed interest according to his agent) and the Yankees are ready to match any offer out there.

chien-ming-wangMy first thought is that maybe Brian Cashman misread the market or is regretting his decision to non-tender the righty, but it could be one of two other possibilities instead. The first and most likely is that he’s just making sure that nobody gets Wang on the cheap. The reason this is likely is because if the Red Sox somehow managed to sign him for $2 million, the Yankees would look bad.

The other possibility is that the Yankees do really want him back and expect any offer to come in at less than the $4 million they would have had to pay him in arbitration. If that’s the case then why not just pay him $4 million? For some reason the Yankees are, and have always been, really against paying Wang a nickle more than they think he’s worth even while they throw away millions on terrible pitchers like Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano, and Kei Igawa among others.

Whatever does happen with Wang it isn’t likely to happen before January 4th. That’s when the pitcher goes back to see Dr. James Andrews to reevaluate his shoulder. At that point teams will have a more realistic idea of when to expect Wang to step on a major league mound. Previously his agent said he would be ready by May 1st, but the Yankees think it could be closer to June or July.

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5 Responses to Chien-Ming Wang Yankees Rumors

  1. Showmethemoney says:

    If I was Wang, I would ask Cashman ” show me the money” to earn respect.
    No matter what, just wish Wang can have a nice year in 2010.

  2. Ken in Taipei says:

    You make a good point about the Yankees being very unwilling to pay Wang any more than their own valuation of him. Meanwhile, they've thrown amazing money at other players.

    Looking at it from Taiwan, it seems senseless. And, as you can see from Tom Ke's comment, the way the Yankees have treated Wang has raised the ire of quite a few Taiwanese baseball fans. I can assure you, Tom is not the only person here that feels that way.

  3. Larry says:

    No one will doubt it's just a purely business deal, but Yankees using too much harsh thought for Wang as compare with other mistaken pitchers' contact, i think Wang who doesn't need to abash the feeling of farm bred up and tie, DON'T forget how that did to Joe ! what an embarrassing left though he had been some glory days in Yankees… see Matsuis, Bobby Abreu…. where are they now ? so Wang just ask the pay you deserve…. otherwise you may not get any respect from Yankees !!

  4. Cityhunter in tw says:

    Wang should leave Yankees and kick Yankees' ass one day. The spirit of hero is priceless. Nobody can look down our boy.

  5. Tom Ke says:

    I am a taiwanese, the baseball is most popular here. All Taiwanese take Chien-Ming Wang
    as the biggest hero and sport star here. Most of Taiwan are living varciously through Chien-Ming Wang. If there is any chance to recovery, maybe not so sharp like ever. I strongly recommend Wang go to the Red Sox. We are also hoping that Wang is come back soon repair short eye-sight Yankee.

    Tom Ke

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