Every New Yankee Comes With…

John Sterling home run call.

john-sterlingFans can start getting used to hearing the name “Curtis Granderson,” because if he stays with the Yankees until the end of his contract, he won’t be gone until 2012 at the earliest.

So I ask you, what’s the call?

Rebecca over at This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes has already posted a few ideas being thrown around (“A Granderslam,” “A Grand Slam for Granderson,” “A Dandy from Grandy,” “Curtis-y Call”).

My vote goes to “A Granderslam.”

Other possibilities:

  • “Oh how grand! A homer for Granderson!”
  • “The Grandy man can” – Fletch
  • “All the way to GRAND Central, a homer for Granderson!” – Hersch
  • “All the way to the GRAND Canyon, a homer for Granderson!”
  • “He’s worth nothing short of a grand, that Granderson”
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8 Responses to Every New Yankee Comes With…

  1. I can imagine Sterling saying all of those really. lots of good ones there. The one I like the most though is Granderslam.

  2. Matt Imbrogno says:

    That homer was "Grandy-ose."

  3. KVC says:

    Am I the only one who absolutely cannot stand to listen to the bombastic idiot Sterling?

    (He would probably use "Curtis-y Call”)

  4. Matt Imbrogno says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-125">

    KVC: Am I the only one who absolutely cannot stand to listen to the bombastic idiot Sterling?(He would probably use “Curtis-y Call”)

    I hate Sterling.
    I hate Waldman.
    I hate Kay.
    Give me Lorenz, Cone, and Singleton.

  5. I hate Waldman.
    I hate Kay.
    I have mostly nostalgic feelings towards Sterling. I don't like him so much these days, but grew up listening to him on the radio because I didn't have cable until 94 (we finally got cable when the Rangers went on their cup run) I could only watch the 20 games or so that were on WPIX and the few times I was at my grandma's.

  6. KVC says:

    I used to like Sterling too, but he has gotten so bad! I despise the HR calls, and theeeeee Yankees win. He has become a joke.

  7. <blockquote cite="comment-131">

    KVC: and theeeeee Yankees win.He has become a joke.

    Definitely true. I liked it better when he started doing it. Back then he only did it once and a while during a particularly exciting win. Now, the Yankees could win 15-3 scoring all their runs in the first inning and he'd still do it.

  8. Lenny Neslin says:

    I never knew he only used to do that for exciting games (I'm too young). I think I'd like it better if he only did it for select games.

    However, I find his home run calls hysterical (a little unprofessional), and then again, it makes people remember him. Not every broadcaster has memorable -isms like that.

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