If Sox Get Lackey, Yanks Shouldn't React Strongly

Via MLBTR, John Lackey has apparently taken a physical for the Red Sox, a sign that they could be close to a deal.

john-lackeyIf this is true, the Yankees should not, I repeat, should not react strongly and make a splash just for the sake of making a splash. The last time that happened, the Sox landed Diauske Matsuzaka and the Yankees ended up with you know who. If it does come to pass that the Sox land Lackey, the Yankees should not go out and trade for Roy Halladay, sign another big name pitcher, or deviate from their stated path of lowering payroll and attempting to get younger.

As they stand, the Yankees are in solid shape heading in to 2010. They have a good blend of veterans and young players, especially in the rotation, and that should not be messed with just because the team’s rival makes a move. It is foolish for an organization to base its decision based on what another organization does rather than what’s best for itself. While the Mark Teixeira signing of last off season seems to go against this, I’d be willing to be that keeping Tex away from the Sox was not the primary reason the Yankees signed him. Hurting the Sox may be good, but it shouldn’t be priority number one. Priority number one should be–and has been under Brian Cashman–taking care of the Yankees first.

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5 Responses to If Sox Get Lackey, Yanks Shouldn't React Strongly

  1. I agree, Matt, and posted something on that today. Lackey is very good and tough, but the Yankees match up just fine with all comers. The big question with the Yankees is depth, not the quality of their starters and rotation.

  2. Yeah, people always talk about how good Steinbrenner has been for the Yankees, but the reality is that they're probably more dangerous now that he's pretty much retired than they have been since Casey Stengle left the team.

  3. Lenny Neslin says:

    Acquiring Mark Teixeira last year was not just to spite the Red Sox. It was a move to sure up a huge hole in the Yankees' defense and lineup. Yes, the Red Sox were looking at him too, but the Yankees were going to make a strong push for him either way.

    Also, what the Red Sox do matters to the Yankees. Generally speaking, if the Yankees don't have a better team than the Red Sox, then the Yankees don't make the playoffs. Therefore, what the Red Sox do affects what the Yankees should do.

    As for what they should do… I stated earlier I'd like to see them add one more starter and a left fielder / DH. If and when they acquire those two pieces, it won't be a retaliation move. It will be a move to fill the holes of a team.

  4. Lenny Neslin says:

    But you are right in the fact that they shouldn't do anything rash in retaliation. Now that Halladay and Lackey are off the market, it's hard to find any starter that would be a rash move for them.

  5. Sheets at $12 million or more could be a rash move. Or Chapman could be another rash move.

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