Olney: "Sides are on the verge of wrapping up"

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, the Yankees have removed Michael Dunn from the 3-way trade with the Tigers and the Diamondbacks that would bring Curtis Granderson to the Bronx. Now Buster Olney of ESPN classifies this deal as very close and Tyler Kepner of the NY Times said, “Granderson very close to becoming a Yankee.”

curtis-granderson02Here is the latest from Olney:

11:27: There were execs who were involved in discussions late Monday night ¬†about the possibility of a three-team deal involving Curtis Granderson, and one idea raised was that the Yankees would get both Granderson and Jackson. It is unclear whether this avenue has any legs to it. As talks broke up late Monday, two of the teams made it clear they weren’t happy with the proposal on the table.

11:53: One of the teams involved in the proposed three-way Granderson trade continues to push the recast deal on Tuesday morning that would conclude with the Yankees getting both Granderson and Edwin Jackson.

12:16: The Tigers are the team that’s re-ignited this morning’s conversations about the three-way trade with Arizona and the Yankees. They have lowered their asking price, according to sources. One version proposed had the Yankees getting both Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson, but it may be that Jackson ends up in Arizona.

12:24: The Diamondbacks are negotiating with the idea that they are going to get both Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. There is growing confidence on at least two sides on the three-team deal that this has a good chance to get done. One source who had placed the odds at 20 percent at 9 a.m. ET texted at 11 a.m. that the odds were up to 30 percent.

1:35: Source with knowledge of negotiations says Granderson deal is close to being completed.

1:57: The sides are on the verge of wrapping up the Granderson deal.

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