Late-night Deal in the Works? 5

Some hot stove insiders (Ken Rosenthal, Buster Olney, Ken Davidoff and Mark Feinsand) are tweeting away tonight, and all are saying the Yankees are in “active negotiations” for a starting pitcher tonight — not named Aaron Harrang.

Rosenthal and Davidoff are calling this a trade, so that could be referring to Mike Puma’s report on dealing with the Cubs. It could even go back as far as the Royals’ interest in Melky Cabrera/Brett Gardner. But neither of the two outfielders — or anyone/team at all — have been mentioned (Just not Aaron Harang).

Olney and Feinsand say it’s a “deal for a starting pitcher.” Who knows if that is opening the door to free agents like Ben Sheets, Justin Duchscherer, etc…

UPDATE: Now Jon Heyman is chiming in. If you want to read more updates as the night goes on, keep on refreshing their twitter pages (or just use twitter).

I say it’ll be a trade: Cabrera and a couple minor leaguers for Ted Lilly. That’s a total guess on my part.


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5 thoughts on “Late-night Deal in the Works?

  • Steve

    Could be – but I have no idea who it could be. Zambrano was ruled out (see RAB), but it could be anyone from Vazquez to Zack Duke to Ted Lilly. Duke makes sense…the Yanks and Pirates are good at working out deals together. Ricky Nolasco? Josh Johnson? Anibal Sanchez??

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