Latest Aroldis Chapman Rumors

aroldis-chapmanOn Monday we passed along the rumors that the market for Aroldis Chapman is not as strong as people anticipated. Initially analysists guessed that he could make upwards of $50 million, but instead we’ve been hearing it will be more like $20 million with the Yankees possibly only going as far as $15.

Before that we don’t know just how interested the Yankees are in the lefty who can reach 100 MPH. We do know that they met with him at least once and had him on hand to watch game six of the ALCS.

Today we find out, via Joel Sherman of the NY Post, that the Yankees are indeed interested in Chapman. At least enough to go watch him when he pitches for teams in Houston next week. After that we’ll have a better idea whether the Yankees are willing to spend enough cash to bring in the 21-year-old (or was it 26?).

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