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According to Ken Davidoff of Newsday, the Yankees have mulled signing right-handed pitcher Ben Sheets this offseason, but currently “he’s not even on the board” because of health concerns.

ben-sheetsThis is bad news for Yankees fans looking for their team to sign Sheets. Mike Puma of the NY Post reported that the Yankees would like to sign another starter by the end of the year and we’ve already heard that Sheets is looking to throw in front of teams. If the Yankees seriously concerned about his health they could decide that it isn’t worth it to wait.

That would be a bad strategy, Sheets is the best starter left on the market and unless they feel like they are close to signing another starter, like Justin Duchscherer, they should wait and see how his market develops. My guess is that the information that Puma heard is overblown. Sure, maybe the Yankees would like to sign a starter by the new year, but they’re not going to be stupid and remove one of their better options unless they really are concerned with his health.

There could be something else on the horizon that we as fans are not seeing right now. This morning we found out that they discussed Carlos Zambrano with the Cubs and maybe that might not work out, but something else similar to that could end up happening.

The Yankees have already shown that they are willing to part with top prospects if they feel the trade helps them upgrade a weakness. Well, they still have prospects left, maybe they’re looking to deal for a starter that we havn’t heard about.

To summarize: We know the Yankees are interested in Sheets, but they are concerned about his ability to stay healthy. Right now the Yankees don’t seem like they are coming close to signing him, but that could change if he gets a chance to pitch in front of them.

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