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ben-sheetsAccording to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the Yankees, “like Ben Sheets very much but believe Sheets will wait weeks to sign.” The reason is because he is planning on holding workout for teams interested in him.

Sheets has some teams interested in his this offseason, but he does not want to take a paycut on what he made in 2008 which was $11 million. The rumor is that he’s actually looking for $12 million, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to bite quickly especially after Rich Harden signed for only $7.5 million.

So it makes sense for him to hold workouts for teams because as we are already seeing with Aroldis Chapman, the best way to get teams worked up is to remind them what you are capable of. There has been a little bit of doubt that Sheets would be able to get the type of deal he is looking for, but it is my belief that he will have no problem getting at least $11 million if he can prove he is healthy and is willing to take a one-year deal. If he gets greedy and starts looking for extended deals then that price could drop, but that seems unlikely so far.

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