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matt-hollidayAccording to Steve Henson of Yahoo Sports, the Yankees are not done adding outfielders and this time their target is not Johnny Damon. Instead they’re interested in Matt Holliday.

Henson tweeted: “Yankees aren’t satisfied with OF even after Granderson acquisition, source said. Still a strong player for Holliday, with Damon as fallback.”

This rumor goes against what we’ve heard recently, but does not go against the Yankees history of being tantalized by the big bat. I project the Yankees payroll to be at $191.25 after adding Curtis Granderson, Andy Pettitte, and accounting for player raises. If that’s the case it would almost be impossible for the Yankees to add Holliday and stay under $200 million since he is currently rumored to be looking for $23 million per year.

He might not get that though and that’s where the Yankees could swoop in. If the Yankees did bring him in it would probably be right about five-years and as high as seven and $140 million. If that is the case you can probably count out Roy Halladay, Hideki Matsui, and likely Johnny Damon as well. Yankee fans might also have to say goodbye to somebody else as a move like this could mean cutting payroll somewhere else (Melky Cabrera anyone?). But we might get to know Juan Miranda a little better.

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