Matsui Needs To Be Let Go

I just glanced over at my on-going poll and I was disappointed to see the vote so close. This was a no-brainer for me. The Yankees have to let Hideki Matsui go to free up the DH spot for this aging team.

hideki-matsuiThe Yankees were lucky to avoid major injuries to their core offensive players last year. Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Matsui are all 35 years old, Alex Rodriguez is 34 and Jorge Posada is 38. That’s a lot of offense riding on a lot of middle-aged players.

If Damon is re-signed, the Yankees will definitely need the DH spot free to rotate some of their older players to keep everybody fresh. To Joe Girardi’s credit, he rotated players around nicely while keeping the lineup order fairly consistent.

The Yankees will miss Matsui’s bat if they stay quiet this offseason, but I don’t think they will be. Also, I really don’t trust his knees for another year. He was lucky to hobble around the bases without going on the DL all year long.

Also, Buster Olney tweeted (h/t RAB) that the Yankees won’t care about Matsui’s marketability factor. So that hurts his chances of staying.

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3 Responses to Matsui Needs To Be Let Go

  1. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Using a rotating DH is definitely not preferable and could very easily hurt the Yankees' offense. If Matsui is let go, I'd rather a full time DH be signed–be it Damon or some other FA–with another player–Mike Cameron–brought in to fill the OF void.

  2. Lenny Neslin says:

    Why would it hurt?

    If Damon is re-signed, he'll be playing left field again at least part time. And I'm not a fan of Mike Cameron. When's the last time he hit over .275?

  3. Matt Imbrogno says:

    If Damon plays LF and no full time DH is signed, that means one of the bench players will be playing every day. An 8-9 of Gardner, Pena, or Cervelli and Cabrera is not good at all and will definitely hurt the team.

    As for Cameron, he's never actually hit .275. .273 is his career high, but he has a .340 career OBP and a career .448 SLG. Basically, he's Johnny Damon at the plate, but he plays center field and plays it very well. He'll be cheap and would be used as a stop-gap CF on a short term (most likely one year) deal. He's ideal for the Yankees.

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