Mixed Reactions on Red Sox Rotation (With Sheets Update)

I asked my twitter followers if they were worried about a Red Sox rotation of Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey, and I surprisingly heard two sides to what I thought was a one-sided point.

MattLorenzo – Its the best in baseball.

5States – I think they’ll be pretty good, but I can’t say I’m super worried or scared.

yankee32879 – uhmm no.

ryan_kantor – Lackey is 31 and has declined over hte past 3 years. Cameron is a huge downgrade from Bay. We still need a SP & a RP though.

Legendary23 – NO. absolutely NOT. we hit beckett 287..Lester…287..and Lackey 277….so no …not worried at all

I thought for sure more people would have agreed with MattLorenzo. None of them are coming off particularly great years, but they all can pitch.

So maybe the Yankees don’t need to upgrade their rotation?

Well, this just in from Ken_Rosenthal’s twitter feed.

Source: #Yankees “very interested” in Sheets, but believe he is in no rush to sign.

This article is also featured on lenNY’s Yankees.

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7 Responses to Mixed Reactions on Red Sox Rotation (With Sheets Update)

  1. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Meh. Their signing of Cameron frustrates me more than that of Lackey.

    As for Sheets, if he wants $12MM, he can look elsewhere. No way should he get that much.

  2. ralph says:

    Lacky has had only one outstanding season …. is era is down but he is not an inning eater

  3. I actually just posted about Lackey and his addition to their rotation as well. lackey is a good addition and puts their top three on par with the Yankees. But I said this last year, and still say it, that I would take the Yankees' top three against anyone and feel confident in them. That isn't to say that Boston might not take two of three from NY should the top three at some point face each other. But to me, C.c. is the best either team has, and Burnett and Pettite are very good. They still take a back seat to no one.

    What I think will bear watching with Lackey is how, at a point in his career when his velocity is down a bit and his HR/innings rate is climbing, he will face in that bandbox in Fenway. Historically he has struggled there, partly no doubt because of Boston's strong lineups. But it is a big hitters' park. The Yankees have done well against him, also–5-7, 4.66 ERA, 1.534 WHIP. Lackey is also in the tougher East now. Lackey surely helps them, but I am more interested to see what this portends for the 4th and 5th starters for Boston and NY. That, in addition to health, should portend the the difference between them.

    On Cameron, he is a good defensive player and a nice offensive one whose numbers may improve in the friendlier Fenway. But he in all likelihood won't match Bay's productivity at the same time that he fans as much as Bay. Defensively, it helps Boston, but that lineup still has issues as Ortiz has declined, Bay is likely gone, Scutaro is just OK, and they are getting older. Yankees fans should not panic over Boston's moves.

  4. <blockquote cite="comment-322">

    ralph: Lacky has had only one outstanding season …. is era is down but he is not an inning eater

    Don't kid yourself, in a playoff game Lackey can hold his own. He might not be a true ace, but he's more than capable. Personally I'd rather have him over Burnett, but the timing was not right. I have no regrets getting Burnett though.

  5. Well said Jason. I pretty much agree across the board.

  6. Ryan says:

    Why worry? The yankees are still much better up and down the lineup and they have better pitching. I would take CC over Beckett, Burnet over Lackey(although he is inconsistent, he is far better than Lackey when he is prepared) and since Yanks-Sox are big games I would take Pettite over Lester although I feel at this point in Pettites career Lester is better, Pettite is Pettite. I still think the yanks need another starter and they need to sign Derossa and Damon. Then we blow Boston out of the water. Also from what I am reading, lock up this Chapman guy, give him most the year in the farm and see how he flourishes. They say he is mentally there so PAY HIM AND SIGN HIM.

  7. To me CC is better than Beckett, but in reality if they face each other 10 times it's probably only a 6-4 difference. Lackey to me is nearly the same as Burnett. Burnett can be better, but I think Lackey could take 6 out of 10 against him. Lester and Pettitte, I would definitely take Lester over Pettitte for 2010. Top 3 is probably damn close to a draw, CC might give the Yankees a slight edge.

    Could Chapman be the difference here?

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