My New 2010 Lineup Projection

Signing Nick Johnson changes everything. That is, if he’s healthy enough to play. Without him, I slotted the other offseason acquisition, Curtis Grandersonsecond in the order

But together, they simply replace the spots of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui in 2009. Here’s my projected lineup against right-handed starters: 

1. Derek Jeter SS 
2. Johnson DH 
3. Mark Teixeira 1B 
4. Alex Rodriguez 3B 
5. Granderson CF 
6. Jorge Posada
7. Robinson Cano 2B 
8. Nick Swisher RF 
9. Melky Cabrera LF 

Last year, Joe Girardi put the faster player (Damon) second and the slower player (Matsui) fifth. Though following that logic with Johnson and Granderson doesn’t make sense, as a guy with thethird highest OBP in the major leagues last year belongs at the top of the order in front of the run producers (Tex & A-Rod). 

Like Matsui, Granderson provides some protection for A-Rod with his pop, especially in the new Yankee Stadium. 

Against lefties, all I do is switch Granderson and Cano. Hopefully by the end of the year, the two won’t have to switch with Kevin Long’s help. 

As far as I’m concerned, this lineup is the best it can be for its price. Of course, adding Matt Holliday would kick Melky’s weak bat out of the lineup, but that money would better serve the pitching staff.

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6 Responses to My New 2010 Lineup Projection

  1. Rob Abruzzese says:

    I can’t see Granderson and his lower slugging percentage batting in front of Posada and Swisher and possibly even Cano.

  2. Steve B. says:

    Having Johnson bat second, with his SLOOOOW “speed” will blow up in the Yankees’ faces….He can’t run. Period….The Yankees should still offer Damon a two year contract at $ 7-9 million a year, and bat him second, to insure the Yankees of the best 1-2-3-4 in MLB….Then, sign Carl Crawford next year, to play LF….and have Damon be the DH.

    Why does everyone think that Johnson will fit into the 2nd spot seamlessly ??….His lack of speed will hurt the Yankees…Just watch.

  3. Steve, you are blowing this issue of speed out of proportion. Johnson isn't that slow, he stole 10 bases in 2006. He'd probably have more double-digit seasons too if he hadn't be injured so much. And face it, in front of Arod and Teixeira you dont' have to do a ton of running. It's an issue, but not a reason to keep him out of the number two spot.

  4. Brandon says:

    Steve your plan would not work. Damon really isn’t much of a speedster anymore anyway. The Yankees got Johnson to get on base before the sluggers not to steal bases.

  5. Ryan says:

    This line-up would still be the best in baseball. Even if the sox get Adrian Gonzalez. Johnsons power numbers should be up and Granderson should get better pitches to hit with AROD in front of hime and posada behind him. My question is when you have Cervelli in the lineup, he wont have protection. They need to sign Derosa to spare these old guys.

  6. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Looks about right. Granderson batting 5th could work out quite well. If not, swap him with Jorge or Cano.

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