Pointing You Elsewhere on Christmas Day 3

sergio-mitreI hope everyone out there is having an enjoyable Christmas day – whether or not you celebrate.  As a Christmas gift, I am going to point you elsewhere, to a few interesting links.

Nathaniel Stoltz of the Bleacher Report makes an argument that Sergio Mitre does not actually suck at the game of baseball.  Very interesting read actually: See here.

iYankees has videos from Johnny Damon‘s appearance on RAW: See here.  And from me, a personal favorite – Johnny Damon‘s greatest acting job of all time: See here.

Billy Price lists why it sucks to be a Mets fan: See here.

3 thoughts on “Pointing You Elsewhere on Christmas Day

  • Brandon

    Undecided after reading article on Mitre. Still think the Yankees should trade him and keep Gaudin as a reliever. They have no use for Mitre anymore and they should respect him enough to give him up to a team that will actually give him a chance.

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