Rangers Winners of Winter Meetings

I was going to tab the Yankees for the most as the winners of the winter meetings, but it’s tough to ignore what the Rangers have done.

They’ve brought in Rich Harden, Chris Ray and Mike Lowell. Props to them.

The Yankees also did good, but with the Johnny Damon deal yet to be complete, I favor the Rangers.

The Yankees pulled off the biggest trade of the winter meetings (blockbuster?) in acquiring Curtis Granderson, re-signed Andy Pettitte to a reasonable contract and got rid of Brian Bruney for a solid outfielder/bench player candidate in Jamie Hoffman.

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3 Responses to Rangers Winners of Winter Meetings

  1. The Rangers made some nice, low-risk, and not too expensive moves, Lenny. But I am not sure I would term them winners. Harden is talented and throws very hard, and will do well if healthy, which is a big if. Chris Ray is someone the Yankees abused, so I'll miss him and his generosity. Nor is he a top-flight guy–0-4, 7/27 ERA, astronomical 2.008 WHIP, 8 HR in 43 1/3 IP. Lowell is intriguing, for the Rangers (presuming the deal goes through) got Boston to take 3/4 of his $12 million for 2010. He can play first and DH, since Texas already has Michael Young there.

    But were these moves as significant as those of the Yankees? I am not sure. It will take time to see if Harden and Lowell stay healthy and are productive, and if Ray is somehow a good reliever instead of the punching bag he became last season.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Jason. Those moves by the Rangers were nice, but overall I think the Yankees beat them out. I'd take Pettitte over Harden, not because of the upside, but because one is likely to actually be able to pitch 200 innings. Lowell is a big injury risk and Chris Ray is probably on par with Brian Bruney, someone who just got pushed out of the organization. That's not to say he's bad, but I cannot see him pitching well in that ballpark.

  3. Brandon says:

    I agree with Rob/Jason. While they got something for Kevin Millwood, Chris Ray has shown no reason to believe he is not a just plain bad pitcher.

    Lowell is good and all but at points the Rangers weren't willing to trade Max Ramirez for Scott Olsen (who at that point was an upcoming prospect) and demanded as good of a prospect as Matt Cain for him.

    Harden is always a risk but also high reward.

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