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vote-or-dieAs you’ve probably heard by now the Yankees have traded Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, and Phil Coke for Curtis Granderson. Whether or not this is a good deal we can not say for sure until the three prospects the Yankees dealt reach, or fail to reach, their potential. That hasn’t stopped everyone from having an opinion good or bad.

Personally I have mixed emotions on the deal. Part of me is excited that the Yankees have their first legit center fielder, so what if he’s going to have to occasionally be benched against tough lefties, since Bernie Williams. Sure he has shortcomings, but to me Jackson’s potential is Granderson, I don’t care about Kennedy, and I don’t really like Coke.

There is another part of me that loves watching prospects. It was only recently that I thought he would be watching Austin Jackson for the next 15  years, followed Kennedy since the minute he was drafted, and had a great time watching Coke as he went from a long shot lefty starter to an important piece of the 2009 pen.

That’s just how I feel. Vote in our poll on the left sidebar or explain your thoughts in our comments section.

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