They're Going to Cost You

Last offseason was exciting, the Yankees wanted CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, they identified it, and we watched. Then before you knew it they had Mark Teixeira as well.

This offseason has been different. There has been no clear cut guy the Yankees are targeting. A few guys like John Lackey, Rafael Soriano, and Mike Cameron have had their names floated around, but nothing serious has ever been mentioned and offers are not expected anytime soon.

Two big names that have been linked to the Yankees are Roy Halladay and Curtis Granderson, but it’s different than it was last year with Sabathia. Last season, I wanted to see them get Sabathia and that was the bottom line. Spend the money and bring the Big Man in to win a World Series.

With these guys it has been different. Of course I would love Halladay on the mound and Granderson roaming center or even left field for that matter. But with these two they come at a price that is worse than money, prospects. Prospects are interesting things too because you are essentially gambling with these guys. They’re valuable because team’s can’t just go out and get new ones (unless you go to the Dominican Republic) and you never really know how these guys are going to pan out.

So what you do is you keep a good eye on these guys, try to find out which ones are the real valuable players and you try to keep those. The rest you want to deal. The problem is the ones you want to keep are precisely the ones teams ask for.

In this case the Toronto Blue Jays are looking to acquire at least one of the Yankees best four players under 25, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero, and Austin Jackson according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

The Tigers are supposed to be, “asking for multiple major-league-ready players to move Granderson.” If that’s the case then expect them to be asking about one of the same four players the Blue Jays are looking for. Maybe the Yankees could get them interested in Ian Kennedy or Zach McAllister, but in reality, if they’re looking for a major league ready player and dealing Granderson then Austin Jackson is where this thing is going to lead to.

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6 Responses to They're Going to Cost You

  1. Brandon says:

    Looks like they want Jackson and the Yankees will NOT give up Jackson or so it looks. Definitely more than just one of the big 4 for Halladay.

  2. I don't want to see the Yankees give up any of their big 4. If they have to give up 2 or more then they definitely will not complete this trade. Their farm system is deep enough that they won't have to do that though. You will not see 2 of the 4 dealt this offseason. I promise you that.

  3. Brandon says:

    If two of the four are not getting traded then unless the blue jays lower their demands the yankees are NOT getting roy halladay….I don't want to give up two of the four either….out of the four i am most willing to give up montero and least willing to give up hughes

  4. For some reason I'm doubting that the Yankees are really going to go after Halladay. I feel like it's a bluff to keep his cost really high.

    They certainly have enough prospects in the minors though that they would only have to trade one of their four guys. They would probably set up a package similar to the one they sent to Pittsburgh for Nady/Marte. The star piece would be one of those four, then you go with a second tier prospect like Kennedy, McAllister, Romine. Maybe a mid-level prospect like Russo or Adams. And finish it off by throwing in somebody like Melky Mesa or Sean Black.

    I doubt that's exactly what it would take to get a deal done, but something like that is a pretty attractive package and you've only used 1 of your 4 top players under 25.

  5. Besides, I doubt very much that the Yankees would want to deal with 2 of those 4 in their own division. That would be at least 18 times a year they would be forced to remember what they gave up.

    Just because Toronto is willing to deal within their division doesn't mean that the Yankees are going to be thrilled about it.

  6. Brandon says:

    Agree about the whole bluffing thing I always thought they were never "in" they just want the redsox to be out

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