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rickey-henderson-bronx-burnerDecember 5, 1984 – The Yankees trade for future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson as they send five players, pitchers Jay Howell and Jose Rijo, outfielder Stan Javier, and minor leaguer pitchers Tim Birtsas and Eric Plunk, to Athletics.

Henderson spend four and a half seasons as a Yankee and despite being labeled as lazy he put up incredible numbers with the Yankees. In 746 games Henderson scored 513 runs, stole 326 bases, had 213 extra-base hits, had a OBP just under .400, and made the all-star team every year.

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  1. Lazy? Who on earth made that asinine comment?? He was the best athlete in a slow moving methodical sport. The rare combination of athleticism the unique skill set to succeed in the majors. Maybe at times it looked like he wasn't trying or hustling bc the game was easy for him. Later on, we realized he was far from lazy when he was still playing into his 40's.

    • I'm a huge Rickey Henderson fan and I agree with you, but have you seriously never heard him called lazy? Yeah it's asinine, and possibly had some racist undertones, but that was certainly how a lot of Yankees fans saw him. Like Cano, it was the way he looked when he played the game especially the way he often caught the ball underhanded. However, it doesn't change the fact that he was the best leadoff hitter to ever play baseball.

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