Xavier Nady Rumors

So far this winter we haven’t heard a lot about Xavier Nady. Sure his name gets tossed around once and a while on blogs or message boards, but by and large he has been overlooked.

xavier-nadyHe’s been overlooked by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman who has met with the agents of Andy Pettitte and Hideki Matsui, but as far as I know if he’s met with Scott Boras, Nady’s agent, they probably spent most of their time discussing his other client, Johnny Damon.

That probably means that Nady, at the very least, is not Plan A for the Yankees. If he is part of the plan at all maybe Cashman should start keeping in touch because, according to David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Braves have shown interest in the 31-year-old outfielder.

O’Brien notes something that should be obvious, that since he’s a Boras client this is sure to move slow. That’s usually true, but this is not the first time the Braves have shown interest in him and they’re in need of an outfield bat, especially after DFA’ing outfielder Ryan Church. For most of last offseason we heard rumors connecting him to the Braves to Nady. Combine that with the fact that he missed most of last season and it could be a situation where he is motivated to find a job.

Maybe not though. It’s possible he doesn’t sign until March. We’ll keep you updated. What are your thoughts on Nady?

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One Response to Xavier Nady Rumors

  1. roger newell says:

    I agree.He hit over 20 homers/batted over .300 and drove in nearly 100 runs in 2008 season which was his first injury free season yet he gets zero respect.He plays the game the "right way" and stunned that GM Cashman considers Swisher more valuable than the X Man.

    Yank fans are spoiled and have short memories.Look up stats….what was Nasdy's overall average with runners in scoring position for whole season and with games with Yanks in 2008 comapred to rest of Yank starting lineup.I have to think Mgr. Joe G would like him back but noone has asked……least I haven't read anything.

    The 2008 season in Pittsburg……before Nady was traded to Yanks…..he was CLEARLY the most productive OF compared to Jason Bay.As far as defensively,Nady is far better OF than Bay….there's a reason Bay played LF and Nady played RF.I had the Direct tv MLB package and saw many of their games.I just don't get it why the NY "wise guys" think Swisher is better overall player for Yanks than the X Man.Swisher is awful RF defensively with low batting average.

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