Proposed 3-Way Granderson Trade and Other Thoughts

First is the reported three team trade being discussed by the Diamondbacks, Tigers, and our Yankees. The basics of the deal include the Yankees losing Ian Kennedy, Mike Dunn, Phil Coke, and Austin Jackson. The Yankees would get centerfielder Curtis Granderson from the Tigers and two prospects from the Diamondbacks. The D-Backs would get Edwin Jackson while sending Max Scherzer and others to the Tigers.

My thoughts on the deal are as follows: if those prospects from the Diamondbacks are good, you do the trade. If not, pull back and work on a deal with the Tigers. I’m not a huge Curtis Granderson fan because of his recent regression and struggles against left-handed pitching, but for the right price, he’s a good guy to have. He’s still relatively young and his contract is also pretty team friendly. He could, like Nick Swisher be a big bounce back candidate. His position is also something to take into consideration. He can patrol CF well and would be a good option for the next few years, considering his age.

However, if the prospects for the Diamondbacks are not very good, then the Yankees should pass on this trade. They’re giving up an awful lot and getting just Granderson back is not enough. The prospects, preferably one pitcher and one hitter, would have to be at least close to ML ready for this deal to make sense. Obviously, we’ll monitor the situation as it goes. What do you guys think?

Second, Mike Axisa at River Ave. Blues ran down some of the candidates the Yankees could take in the Rule V Draft. It’s a good write up so make sure you take a look.

Finally, via MLBTR, the Angels have apparently expressed interest in DH and “OF” Hideki Matsui. Obviously, this strengthens Matsui’s position in negotiations as he has at least one alternative to the Yankees. If I had to guess, I’d say Matsui will end up back in the Bronx next season, though he could be a good fit for the Angels who are losing Vladimir Guerrero. The Angels would be better served going after a real outfielder so they could shift Bobby Abreu and his 2009 -12.1 UZR/150 mark out of right field.

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