Yankees 2010 Payroll So Far

With all the talk of free agents and budgets this winter it’s a good idea to keep in mind where the Yankees stand right now. It’s been said they are going to try to keep their payroll from anywhere between $185-$200 million while they’ve also been connected to expensive free agents like Ben Sheets and even Jason Bay and Matt Holliday.

Do they have enough space to get it done? Let’s take a look (Numbers in parenthesis are estimated):

Starting pitchers (estimated total of $53.65 million):
CC Sabathia – $23 million
AJ Burnett – $16.5 million
Andy Pettitte $11.75 million
Joba Chamberlain – ($1.5 million)
Phil Hughes – ($900,000)

Relievers (estimated total of $24.44 million):
Mariano Rivera – $15 million
Damaso Marte – $4 million
Chad Gaudin – ($2 million)
Sergio Mitre – ($1.25 million)
David Robertson – ($900,000)
Alfredo Aceves – ($900,000)
Mark Melancon – ($390,000)

Catchers (estimated total of $13.7 million):
Jorge Posada – $13.1 million
Francisco Cervelli – ($600,000)

Infielders (estimated total of $82.8 million):
Alex Rodriguez – $32 million
Mark Teixeira – $20 million
Derek Jeter – $21 million
Robinson Cano – $9 million
Ramiro Pena – ($400,000)
Juan Miranda – ($400,000)

Outfielders (estimated total of $16.54):
Nick Swisher – $6.75 million
Curtis Granderson – $5.5 million
Melky Cabrera – ($3 million)
Brett Gardner – ($900,000)
Jamie Hoffmann – ($390,000)

That’s my guess at what the 25-man roster would be if the season started tomorrow. If I’m correct about the estimated figures, which I’m sure I won’t be, but I’ll be close, that would be an opening day payroll of $191.13 million.

That means realistically speaking, unless they move some salary, they won’t be able to spend more than about $9 million this offseason. That immediately removes them from the market for all of the three free agents I mention above. It also means they can’t sign a left fielder, a DH, and another pitcher no matter who they are.

They could get creative, like they could deal Melky Cabrera and Chad Gaudin freeing up about $5 million more. Giving them about $14 million to spend. That could net them both Ben Sheets and Nick Johnson or maybe Matt Holliday if they were willing to go slightly over budget and could get him at say a team friendly deal around $16-$18 million per season. Of course they would have to piss off Jorge Posada and go into the season with both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain in the rotation.

What do you think? How should the Yankees spend their remaining $9 million under budget? Or should they forget their budget altogether? Or how could they get creative to free up more money?

For reference sake, here are the Yankees payrolls from recent years:

2009: $201,449,189
2008: $209,081,577
2007: $189,639,045
2006: $194,663,079
2005: $208,306,817
2004: $184,193,950
2003: $152,749,814
2002: $125,928,583
2001: $112,287,143
2000: $107,588,459

(all numbers come from Cot’s Baseball Contracts).

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.

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2 Responses to Yankees 2010 Payroll So Far

  1. She-Fan says:

    The Yankees just won the World Series. Why do they have to cut payroll now? Don't they want to repeat? I say get the players they need to get! (And yes, I have expensive taste!)

  2. Matt Imbrogno says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-363">

    She-Fan: The Yankees just won the World Series. Why do they have to cut payroll now? Don’t they want to repeat? I say get the players they need to get! (And yes, I have expensive taste!)

    They can get the players they need to get while simultaneously cutting payroll.

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