Yankees 2010 Payroll Updated with Nick Johnson

This article was written on Dec 20, 2009(before the Yankees traded for Javier Vazquez). To see the Yankees latest payroll and roster go here.

Last time we took a look at the 2010 payroll it was at an estimated $191.13 million, but that was before DH/first baseman Nick Johnson signed a one-year $5.5 million deal that could go as high as $6.5 million is he reaches incentives based on plate appearances.

The quick math shows the Yankees new estimated 2010 payroll at $196.63 million.

Let’s see how we came to that number (numbers in parenthesis are estimated):

Starting pitchers (estimated total of $53.65 million):
CC Sabathia – $23 million
AJ Burnett – $16.5 million
Andy Pettitte $11.75 million
Joba Chamberlain – ($1.5 million)
Phil Hughes – ($900,000)

Relievers (estimated total of $24.44 million):
Mariano Rivera – $15 million
Damaso Marte – $4 million
Chad Gaudin – ($2 million)
Sergio Mitre – ($1.25 million)
David Robertson – ($900,000)
Alfredo Aceves – ($900,000)
Mark Melancon – ($390,000)

Catchers (estimated total of $13.7 million):
Jorge Posada – $13.1 million
Francisco Cervelli – ($600,000)

Infielders (estimated total of $82.4 million):
Alex Rodriguez – $32 million
Mark Teixeira – $20 million
Derek Jeter – $21 million
Robinson Cano – $9 million
Ramiro Pena – ($400,000)

Outfielders (estimated total of $16.54):
Nick Swisher – $6.75 million
Curtis Granderson – $5.5 million
Melky Cabrera – ($3 million)
Brett Gardner – ($900,000)
Jamie Hoffmann – ($390,000)

Designated hitter (total of $5.5):
Nick Johnson – $5.5 million

The current estimate is I estimate is actually $196.23 when you adjust for Juan Miranda who is no longer needed with Johnson in the fold. The budget supposedly set at $200 million leaving the Yankees with just only $3.37 million left to spend.

Hal Steinbrenner said at the Curtis Granderson press conference that he would allow general manager Brian Cashman to spend over budget only if he felt the Yankees really needed a player. That could mean anything. It could mean Ben Sheets, it could be Aroldis Chapman, but it’s becoming less likely that it will be Matt Holliday. At this point even if he signed for $16 million per the Yankees would open the season $12 million over budget. A possibility, but it would highest payroll ever during a year they spoke about conserving money for the 2011 free agent class.

It could get interesting if the Yankees really wanted to stay at budget and add another pitcher. That could mean they make a bid at either righty Chien-Ming Wang or even lefty Jarrod Washburn. With, about, $3.37 million left to spend, maybe more because it means they could deal either Sergio Mitre or Chad Gaudin, they could make one of these pitchers a low-ball offer.

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7 Responses to Yankees 2010 Payroll Updated with Nick Johnson

  1. Matt Imbrogno says:

    No. Washburn. Ever. Awful. Absolutely. Awful.

  2. Rob Abruzzese says:

    Lol, I thought you might like that.

  3. Steve says:

    Some of your estimates are way off: Hughes, Joba, Robertson, Aceves, Cervelli and Gardner will make almost the minimum.

  4. Rob Abruzzese says:

    Hughes and Joba are both going to make the most because they have the most ML service time. Robertson was called up in ’08 and could make slightly more. The rest, even if they make the minimum it’s not more than a $2 million difference. But you’re right, like I said, I know my estimates will be off.

  5. Matt Imbrogno says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-446">

    Rob Abruzzese: Lol, I thought you might like that.

    Haha, thank you. I cannot stand Washburn.

  6. Ed Ptaszenski says:

    That is fine and all but you only have 25 guys on here right now. The Yankees have a 40 man roster for MLB. You did not count the other guys that will put them over the 200 mill mark. Also you gave some guys more than they make. Joba only made 495k last year I dont think he will get that much of a increase in his contract this year. Still even at 197 mill is crazy.

  7. rreed motyli says:

    what about vazquez

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