Yankees, Cubs Talking Carlos Zambrano?

Brian Cashman “is believed to have inquired about Carlos Zambrano,” Mike Puma of the NY Post reported early this morning. Putting two and two together, the trade probably included either Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner.

carlos-zambranoA deal for Zambrano is unlikely because of the high asking price the Cubs have set, Puma said. More importantly, he said Cashman “will almost certainly add a starter by New Year’s, according to a major league source.”

Mark Feinsand’s latest blog entry gives me the feeling it would be Phil Hughes who’d get the boot to the bullpen if they add a starter — not Joba Chamberlain. Hughes pitched just 86 innings last year and would most likely be on an innings limit as a starter, while Chamberlain pitched nearly twice that as a starter (which is actually pathetic, even with an innings limit).

The alternative free agent starters that have been floating around:

  • Ben Sheets
  • Justin Duchscherer
  • Jason Marquis
  • Joel Pineiro
  • Jon Garland
  • Aroldis Chapman (doubtful at his price)

Take your pick.

This article is also featured on lenNY’s Yankees.

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4 Responses to Yankees, Cubs Talking Carlos Zambrano?

  1. As for Zambrano, I'm glad the Yankees are checking in on him because his value is probably at a recent low. But realistically, unless they're unloading lower-tier prospects I would rather see the Yankees avoid him. He's getting paid a ton of money and I'm not confident that he could have a sub-4.00 ERA in the AL.

  2. Matt Imbrogno says:

    Please no Zambrano.

    As for Chapman, i don’t think it’s fair to group him in with the other ML free agents. If he signs with the Yankees, he likely doesn’t even sniff the Majors in 2010. Taking my pick of those guys, though, give me Sheets every day. Sign him to be the 4th starter, Hughes starts the year in Scranton to build his innings back up. Or, just roll with the five they have now and sign J-Dukes to be the swingman/spot starter. Either way, I’m very confident in the Yankees’ rotation for 2010.

  3. As long as Hughes is the 2nd best relief option in the pen, I’d rather not see him in the minors at all. They have to put the best team out there all of the time. Hughes is done with the minors for good.

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