Yankees Jermaine Dye Rumors

Just as I finished writing a post about arbitration and how it affected the Yankees mentioning how Jermaine Dye could now become more attractive to the Yankees do I find an article linking the Yankees to Dye.

jermaine-dyeAccording to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Yankees have contacted the White Sox to ask for Dye’s medical reports.

The New York Yankees denied a report that they had interest in Dye, but that was seemingly the Bronx Bombers trying to work under the radar, especially because a source familiar with the talks said the Yankees already had asked for medical reports about Dye.

Now before you start worrying about the Yankees signing the aging outfielder, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated reported that yes they are interested in Dye, but only if their other options fall through.

As for how many other options coming off the table it would take for the Yankees to increase their interest it would have to be quite a few.

In Cowley’s article he wrote that Dye finds becoming a full-time DH “unappealing,” but his defense has gotten so bad that I cringe at the thought of him playing left field for the Yankees. In the past four seasons Dye’s UZR/150 ratings were -21.5, -21.5, -21.4, and -24.5. The fact that the White Sox let him play in the field that long makes me question their intelligence.

Beyond that his bat is a huge question mark. Dye will be 36-years-old in 2010 and his bat over the past three seasons has been the definition of inconsitent. What you could expect out of him next season though is an average around .250 with a OBP around .330 and a below slugging percentage slightly higher than .450, if he’s lucky.

So when you combine his age and the fact that he’s likely to resist becoming a full-time DH makes him seem like a terrible fit for the Yankees. Hopefully their contact with him was only so they could feel comfortable crossing his name off their list with their biggest marker.

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9 Responses to Yankees Jermaine Dye Rumors

  1. She-Fan says:

    I'd rather keep Matsui than sign Dye. I'm with you. I hope the Yankees cross him off their list in a hurry.

  2. Matt Imbrogno says:

    I'd rather punch myself in the junk 100 times than have the Yankees sign Jermaine Dye. He is an awful, awful option for this team, no matter what position he plays.

  3. I'd say get him if he came very cheaply and would be willing to fill Eric Hinske's roll. But that's not going to happen. I don't see the Yankees actually signing this guy.

  4. Matt Imbrogno says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-18">

    Rob Abruzzese: I’d say get him if he came very cheaply and would be willing to fill Eric Hinske’s roll. But that’s not going to happen. I don’t see the Yankees actually signing this guy.

    Even then I'd say no. Hinske may not be graceful, but he can at least fill in at four positions. Dye can't even play one.

  5. nettles9 says:

    it's funny u guys think JD sucks so bad. 20 bombs in the first half last year before Kenny Williams brought in that p-o-s Alex Rios and started splitting the time for everyone in the OF. Dye would be a huge addition to the club and a nice upgrade over Swisher. the OF as it's currently constituted right now sucks.

    • The problem is – it would be stupid to use Jermaine Dye in the outfield. At DH, the Yankees decided to go with Nick Johnson instead.

      • nettles9 says:

        yeah, Yankee Stadium's RF is so daunting to cover… and i can't get enough of Swisher swishing his way through another October either… at least JD is a proven playoff performer.

        • Dye's defensive metrics are just aweful. You sound like a White Sox fan bitter about the down year Swisher had. He just helped the Yankees win a World Series. Nobody is going to move him out of his position right now, certainly not for Dye.

  6. No to Dye. No, no, a thousand times NO. The guy has a cannon of an arm still. I was in the right-field corner in Chicago August 1 when he gunned down Teixeira at second from the corner–on the fly; a truly great throw. That said, his bat has declined, he is showing his age, and his defensive range as you have illustrated is abysmal. The Yankees really don't need even on a short-term basis, to get older, and I fear that with Park and Dye.

    nettles9, you're hard to understand right now. First, "u guys" means…who exactly? The BBD group? Not necessarily, for we haven't exactly ranked on Damon. JD's bat is still terrific, and I for one would have taken his bat back, especially to DH. It seems pretty clear that JD and Scott Boras completely misread the free agent market this off-season, however, leaving JD to concoct and resuscitate his "always-wanted-to-be-here" refrain for Detroit.

    I don't think the Yanks' OF situation sucks at all. Defensively, it's shaping up to be very good, with Gardner/Winn in left, Granderson in CF, and Swish in right. Swish struggled offensively down the stretch and botches a ball now and then, sure. But he also made a great play on Gomez at second in the ALDS to prevent a run. Nor is he wall shy like Abreu, whom I liked quite a bit. Offensively, the team is very strong, and should Gardner hit fairly well, he would in effect be a lead-off hitter from the nine-spot once through the lineup.

    I still wish the Yanks would have kept Matsui, but now I find myself defensing Nick Johnson–over Dye; odd, but true and necessary. Dye's long and slower swing is not what the Yankees need, his power notwithstanding. Sorry, nettles9, I completely disagree.

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